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Electrical Components
Photovoltaic (PV) surge voltage protection with UL and Kema approvals
Fuses & Contact Breakers : 18 March, 2013
DC-PV surge arresters from Phoenix Contact, designed to protect photovoltaic systems against lightning and surge voltages, now have UL and Kema approvals.
Copper-coated aluminium busbar saves cost over pure copper
Busbars : 18 March, 2013
Rittal’s Cuponal busbar is a copper-coated aluminium busbar available in lengths of 2400m which can offer several advantages over traditional busbar systems.
AC current transformer meets IEC 60044-1 with 0.2% accuracy
Transformers : 01 March, 2013
REO’s new AC current transformer is accurate to 0.2% - meeting IEC 60044-1 requirements. Current transformers are used to isolate low voltage monitoring circuits from higher power circuits when monitoring or measurement must take place. A current transformer produces a reduced current accurately proportional to the current in the circuit, which can be connected to measuring and recording instruments.
Fan and filter units use diagonal fan technology and energy-efficient DC motors
Enclosures, Cabinets, Cases & Boxes : 01 March, 2013
Rittal’s range of TopTherm fan and filter units has been extended with electronically commutated (EC) variants now available in all but the smallest unit.
Cabinet rod locking system is smoother, quicker
Enclosures, Cabinets, Cases & Boxes : 01 March, 2013
Rod locking systems are vital to users of large specialist cabinets and their development tends to occur in evolutionary steps - Emka has brought many new features together in its recent launch, making installation and operation both smoother and quicker.
Easy-connect bus-mounting fuse bases supplied as complete units
Fuses & Contact Breakers : 19 February, 2013
Rittal’s new easy connect bus-mounting fuse bases are supplied as complete units, which includes a cover plate, contact hazard protection and exterior connection clamps.
Extendable, economic single panel version of medium voltage (MV) switchgear
Switchgear : 13 February, 2013
Eaton has launched an extendable single panel version of its Xiria switchgear range for Medium Voltage (MV) distribution networks called Xiria E. The Xiria E has been specifically developed for distribution substations for utilities and larger commercial and industrial applications, and enables easy and economical MV switchgear configuration to meet the user’s exact requirements.
Intel-approved CPU socket meets reliability requirements for servers, workstations and high-end PCs
Plugs, Sockets and Connectors : 13 February, 2013
Molex has augmented its CPU sockets with the lIntel-approved LGA 2011-0 CPU socket for the Intel Core i7 series of 32nm-Sandy Bridge-E microprocessors. Designed to handle 130W Thermal Design Power (TDP), the LGA 2011-0 socket replaces the LGA 1366 CPU socket, which was used with the Intel Core i7-930, i7-950, i7-960, i7-980 and i7-990X processors.
Remote monitoring boosts wound component demand
Filters : 13 February, 2013
REO is showcasing its leading-edge wound component technology at Southern Manufacturing 2013. The products on show include toroidal current transformers, a water-cooled choke filter combination and variable switch mode power supplies, as well as power supplies for use in cathodic protection.
Cable and carrier for worksite pumps avoid junction damage
Cables & Terminations : 08 February, 2013
Omerin Polycable Division has unveiled its highly innovative Profiplast PBS-USE cable and carrier. This product means that worksite pumps can now be displaced by using their power cables, without damaging electrical junctions.
Custom length optical cable assemblies for networking applications
Cables & Terminations : 01 February, 2013
Quick-Turn cable assemblies provide rapid delivery on small to medium sized orders of custom fibre optics.
AC-DC power supplies for medical and dental equipment
Power Supplies : 01 February, 2013
TDK Corporation announces that TDK-Lambda UK will be presenting its latest additions to its industry-leading medical power supplies on its stand J47 at the 2013 Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition, FIVE, Farnborough, 13-14 February.
Lighting projectors at Media City feature die-cast aluminium housings
Lamps & Lighting : 01 February, 2013
Media City is the new city quarter of Manchester and the location of a major amenity lighting scheme by Sill UK.
Online configurator matches thyristors to different machine loads
Power Supplies : 01 February, 2013
CD Automation’s newly launched Application product selector effectively cross-tabulates different single and three-phase machine loads from 30 to 2700A for a comprehensive range of thyristor power controllers. The simplicity of the form presented to engineers hides the complexity of algorithms and processes, which combine to provide an optimal load configuration.
Connector installation frames allow heavy-duty plug connectors on the mounting rail
Plugs, Sockets and Connectors : 23 January, 2013
Phoenix Contact’s Heavycon CIF (Connector Installation Frames) mounting frames make it possible to snap Heavycon contact inserts onto a mounting rail quickly. The increasing use of cable entry systems for control cabinets and switch boxes results in a rising need to contact preassembled plug connectors and contact inserts directly on mounting rails.
Technical guide reflects rise in popularity of laminated copper bars
Electrical Conductors : 23 January, 2013
Rittal has recognised a rise in the popularity of laminated copper bars in the OEM and panel builder market and produced a technical guide, which shows how to calculate fault rating capacities of their laminated copper bar.
LED backlit keyboards and pointing devices for marine applications
Data Input Devices (Keypads, Keyboards, Joysticks) : 19 January, 2013
Review Display Systems (RDS), specialist provider of technical and commercial display systems, announces availability of NSI’s keyboards and pointing devices for marine applications.
The longest jointless hollow conductor in the world?
Electrical Conductors : 14 January, 2013
Hollow conductors are used in a number of applications including particle accelerators, MRI scanners, plasma research devices and induction furnaces. Now, Luvata has introduced Mileon, believed to be the longest seamless hollow conductor currently available on the market.
Moulded case circuit breaker adaptors reduce installation time and costs
Switchgear : 03 January, 2013
To reduce installation time and costs Rittal have introduced a new range of moulded case circuit breaker adaptors with laminated copper connections pre-configured into the adaptor.
Microwave coax cables deliver low loss and superior bandwidth
Cables & Terminations : 03 January, 2013
Molex is introducing new products from Temp-Flex: designed for high-bandwidth applications using proprietary processes, Temp-Flex microwave cables deliver exceptional electrical performance in military, aerospace and defence, robotics and medical markets, in addition to automatic test equipment.
Digital-ready interfaces for more power supplies
Power Supplies : 04 December, 2012
UltraVolt has announced the –I5 and –I10 enhanced interface options are now available on two additional product lines and in conjunction with an additional option. The additional product lines and option include the A Series, 10A-25A Series, and the F Option.
Bluetooth adapter enables remote communication with control relay
Switches and Thyristors : 04 December, 2012
Eaton Corporation has launched a Bluetooth adapter for its Easy800 control relay, enabling machinery and plant to be commissioned and maintained remotely using Bluetooth communication. As a result, users can communicate with the controller, without needing to enter noisy or dangerous areas, from a distance of up to 10m away (based on normal industrial environments).
Real-time I/O system now available with bus coupler
Mounting Rails, Terminals & Connectors : 04 December, 2012
The Axioline real-time I/O system from Phoenix Contact is now available with Sercos-3 bus coupler. Its advantages include short reaction times and synchronised operation. This makes the coupler ideal for use in packaging and printing machines or as a process bus for hydraulic or other pressure regulation systems where I/Os and drives share a common network.
Lithium-ion battery specialist wins Manufacturing Excellence Award
Batteries : 04 December, 2012
UK Midlands-based battery specialist Accutronics has won the heavily contested Lombard Award for Innovation in Products and Processes at the Manufacturing Excellence Awards. The company was handed the trophy by Michael Portillo, the former Conservative Party politician and Cabinet Minister, at a ceremony held at The Dorchester in London on 27 November 2012.
Mobile manual provides practical tips on machine-to-machine communication
: 21 November, 2012
Practical tips on mobile communications are provided by the newly published booklet "Mobile Communications – Data Transmission in Industry’ by Phoenix Contact.
Steel wire cable tray gets the cream at Westbury Dairies
Wire Cable Tray : 21 November, 2012
Cablofil UK has supplied more than 1.5km of steel wire tray for a state-of-the-art butter production and packing plant at Westbury Dairies. Cablofil will contain all the new production facility’s power and data cabling, in addition to the compressed air hoses.
Aluminium enclosures for the outdoors
Enclosures, Cabinets, Cases & Boxes : 21 November, 2012
Rittal’s range of CS basic aluminium enclosures are designed specifically to house sophisticated communications and electronics equipment in outdoor environments. Available from stock and ready for immediate use, they overcome the problems associated with the need to design, source and build outdoor enclosures to order.
Front end power supply range augmented with 32V model
Power Supplies : 19 November, 2012
TDK Corporation announces the extension of its TDK-Lambda HFE1600 range of 1.6kW high-density, front end power supplies with the addition of a 32V model, particularly well-suited for use in broadcast applications.
Intelligent modular system of rack and accessories offers simple and efficient data centre planning
Enclosures, Cabinets, Cases & Boxes : 19 November, 2012
Rittal’s new TS IT rack system will simplifise a network or server installation by eliminating long planning phases involving complicated selection and ordering.
A warning against complacency over weather-related power problems
Power Supplies : 19 November, 2012
In launching its new 9PX UPS for Virtual Environments, Eaton’s Power Quality Division says that many businesses believe that at this time of year when the summer thunderstorm season has passed, there is no longer any need for concern about the risk of power blackouts. But nothing could be further from the truth - research that shows blackouts are at least as likely to occur in the winter months as in the summer months.
High density AC-DC front-end power module delivers 330W 48V output in business card footprint
Transformers : 16 November, 2012
Vicor Corporation has announced the VI Brick AC Front End module for high, density, high efficiency AC to DC power conversion. This new module is a complete AC-DC converter which operates over the universal AC input range of 85-264V to deliver a fully isolated and PFC regulated 48V output. The product will be available through distribution at the end of 2012.
Cable connections up to three times faster at no extra cost
Cables & Terminations : 12 November, 2012
Energy chain and cable specialist Igus now offers Intercontec connectors with integrated SpeedTec quick-release fastening technology.
Software-controlled smart power strip saves power, safeguards computer and controls household functions
Power Supplies : 12 November, 2012
A new generation of "smart" power strips can do a lot more than just save power and rescue hung-up computers. The Smart is designed to offer the best of both worlds in power conversation and control.
LED luminaire gives homogenous-lit appearance
Lamps & Lighting : 12 November, 2012
Luxonic Lighting has introduced Slimlux LED, a range of recessed and suspended luminaires to provide continuous lines of light. Slimlux LED incorporates high-output white versions to accompany the established RGB colour change modules.
Programmable power supply simulates voltage transients to test automotive systems and solar arrays
Power Supplies : 07 November, 2012
The TDK-Lambda Z+ Series of high-density, 2U format benchtop and rack mounted 200W and 400W power supplies can create and store up to four application-specific test waveforms, removing the need for an external controller in basic simulation tasks.
Microwave coaxial cables on show at Military Communications Conference
Cables & Terminations : 05 November, 2012
Molex Incorporated showcased new coax cables from Temp-Flexat the Military Communications Conference (MILCOM 2012) with improvements to electrical performance, low loss and bandwidth.
Medium voltage switchgear achieves Energy Networks Association (ENA) Assessment
Switchgear : 05 November, 2012
Eaton’s Power Xpert FMX Medium-Voltage 24 kV switchgear has successfully passed an assessment by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), the industry body for the UK and Ireland energy transmission and distribution licence holders and operators.
Six-volt industrial battery has high discharge rate
Batteries : 01 November, 2012
Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) has added a further battery to its SWL family of industrial valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries with a new 6V model, the SWL2500-6.
Safe monitoring of furnaces now TUV Certified
Switches and Thyristors : 01 November, 2012
The Eaton EasySafety control relay for use in the safe monitoring of furnaces now has TÜV approval.
Fully pre-installed RFID box only needs to be connected to the power supply, network and aerials
Plugs, Sockets and Connectors : 01 November, 2012
The new Harting Ha-VIS RFID box makes it easy and quick to implement complete RFID systems in industrial environments which can be deployed immediately.
Single-loop thyristor temperature controller reduces wiring and cabinet size
Switches and Thyristors : 01 November, 2012
The Revo TC combines a temperature controller, solid state relay (SSR) thyristor, quick blow fuse protection and current monitoring - all in a compact single-loop package.
Brochure highlights enclosures for protecting electonic systems from environments
Enclosures, Cabinets, Cases & Boxes : 29 October, 2012
Electronics packaging specialist Schroff has brought out a new brochure outlining the company's broad range of enclosure solutions for industrial applications.
Protection against accidental arcing within electrical switchgear systems
Switchgear : 23 October, 2012
A key objective for Rittal when developing Ri4Power modular system was the protection against accidental arcing. Internal arcing could lead to production downtime but more importantly is a danger to personnel.
Lower output voltage ranges on general purpose benchtop power system
Power Supplies : 20 October, 2012
UltraVolt announces lower output voltage ranges on its general purpose bench-top power system – the BT-GP Series.
Unbiased audit offered by UPS supplier at DatacenterDynamics Converged Conference
Power Supplies : 20 October, 2012
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) specialist Borri is taking a prominent position at this year’s DatacenterDynamics Converged London Conference, which is predicted to attract over 2500 of the largest data centre users and operators from throughout the UK and Europe.
Custom-built electricity substations for three major new solar energy parks
Solar Energy Systems : 18 October, 2012
Eaton’s Electrical Sector has extended its presence is the solar energy sector by supplying and installing complete BoS (balance of system) solutions for three major new solar energy parks (developed and owned by Lightsource Renewable Energy).
Don't be complacent over weather-related power problems
Cables & Terminations : 13 October, 2012
According to Eaton’s Power Quality business, many businesses believe that at this time of year when the summer thunderstorm season has passed, there is no longer any need for concern about the risk of power blackouts. Nothing could be further from the truth, says the company, which has carried out research that shows blackouts are at least as likely to occur in the winter months as in the summer months.
Prepare now to avoid Euro cabling issues
Cables & Terminations : 13 October, 2012
A warning is being issued about the issues facing the cabling industry under the Constructions Products Regulation (CPR), a new piece of European legislation being introduced covering the classification of cables installed within buildings.
High power connector offers versatility in rail applications
Plugs, Sockets and Connectors : 13 October, 2012
The MPC modular plug connector from Multi-Contact has been designed with the rail industry in mind. Suitable for power transmission in electric rail vehicles, its modular design gives it a wide range of applications.
Cooling units with much reduced energy consumption
Enclosures, Cabinets, Cases & Boxes : 06 October, 2012
Rittal’s Blue e cooling units have the same nominal cooling output, physical size and cut-out dimensions as the equivalent Rittal Basic cooling unit and can realize energy savings of up to 45%.
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