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Fastening and Joining
Spring-loaded plunger assemblies as positioning pins for sliding components
Mechanical Fasteners : 12 September, 2014
PEM Type PTL2 spring-loaded plunger assemblies from PennEngineering can serve as reliable positioning pins to quickly move racks, slides, access panels, consoles and similar equipment to new positions without requiring tools.
The role of adhesives in safe food packaging
Adhesives : 03 July, 2014
More than 77 billion litres of milk, juice and other beverages – even some wines – were sold to customers last year in a simple box, the famous liquid carton. Around 173 billion of these cartons were filled by one of the 8700 filling machines in use around the world, many of which were built using adhesives and sealants from Henkel.
Adhesive manufacturer signs JV with barrier film specialist
Adhesives : 29 May, 2014
Henkel Adhesives Technologies has signed a joint-development agreement with US-based Vitriflex, a company which has developed a unique ultra-barrier film technology that utilizes a proprietary roll-to-roll delivery technique.
Shoulder screws with collar and polished bearing surface
Mechanical Fasteners : 10 January, 2014
Elesa's GN732 plain shoulder screws with collar, together with the industry standard ISO 7379 version with polished bearing surface, are commonly used throughout engineering to provide accurate fixing, while leaving a component free to move. Typically they are found in industrial machines such as in print, textiles, manufacturing and agriculture.
Captive access panel screws designed for easy handline, ready access into assemblies
Mechanical Fasteners : 10 November, 2013
CAPS (Captive Access Panel Screws) from Penn Engineering (PEM) integrate a captive screw into a spring-loaded assembly to provide an "all-in-one’ hardware to securely attach panels, covers, drawers, racks, or other access points, and subsequently enable ready access inside whenever necessary.
Cable tie-hooks remain secure after install
Mechanical Fasteners : 10 October, 2013
Patented PEM self-clinching cable tie-hooks remain securely fixed in place where installed to provide permanent attachment points for mounting wires and cables inside electronic chassis or enclosures. They install quickly without requiring screws or adhesives and their locations and positions can be specified during the design process to provide optimal layout for wires and cables inside assemblies.
Self-clinching nuts for ultra-thin metal sheets suit restrictive design envelopes
Mechanical Fasteners : 09 September, 2013
PEM type SMPS self-clinching nuts are fasteners for ultra-thin metal sheet applications where design envelopes may be restrictive and space for attachment hardware may be limited.
Two variants of LED encapsulants differ on transparency
Encapsulants and Potting Compounds : 19 August, 2013
Intertronics has introduced two new variants of its high-performance Opti-tec 4200 polyurethane encapsulating/potting compounds and adhesives.
Captive panel screw integrated in spring-loaded assembly minimises parts count, enables easy access
Mechanical Fasteners : 29 July, 2013
PEM Types PF50 and PF60 self-clinching captive panel screws keep hardware parts count to a minimum by integrating a captive screw in a spring-loaded assembly to promote easy and efficient handling and installation. Their permanent mounting in thin metal assemblies additionally eliminates any risks associated with loose hardware that could fall out, get lost, or misplaced and potentially cause damage to internal components.
Spinning clinch bolts enable captivated screw to spin freely for quick attachment
Mechanical Fasteners : 03 June, 2013
PEM spinning clinch bolts for use in thin metal sheets are one-piece captive designs, whose controlled clinching action during installation permanently captivates the screw while allowing it to spin freely in the sheet. This allows for quick attachment of mating hardware and reduced need for loose fasteners (such as screws and retaining clips or washers). These fasteners can serve as cost-effective alternatives to multi-component fastener assemblies.
High performance micro-dispensing jetting valve
Adhesives : 03 June, 2013
Intertronics’ introduction of the new Liquidyn P-Jet CT contactless jetting Valve brings to manufacturers the capability for high performance micro-dispensing of materials such as oils, greases, adhesives, silicones, paints, flux, pharmaceutical media and other chemicals, including filled fluids. Its speed and accuracy is expected to be valuable in the electronics, solar, automotive, packaging and medical device industries, amongst others.
Self-clinching flush nuts provide load-bearing threads for mating hardware
Mechanical Fasteners : 20 May, 2013
Pemsert self-clinching flush nuts are designed for attachment applications where thin metal sheets can benefit from the introduction of strong load-bearing threads without creating any protrusions on either side. Upon their permanent installation in aluminium or steel sheets as thin as 1.5mm, both the top and bottom of the sheet remain flush, with only a single mating screw required for final component attachment.
Unthreaded fastener with coiled locking wedge - the more vibration, the tighter the fitting
Mechanical Fasteners : 07 May, 2013
Gala Tent, a company that transformed the event industry by making it more affordable to buy than to hire marquees and gazebos, has developed the innovative Spirotite unthreaded fastener that is set to revolutionise the way fasteners are used in industry.
Adjustable concealed hinge comes apart in the hands
Mechanical Fasteners : 06 May, 2013
These hinges separate into two pieces to make installation easy and accurate, so one man can even install a large door without drama. And with the smaller hinges where many may be used in a development, a simple snap, click or screw together assembly can save a great deal of time.
Self-clinching flush-head studs less costly to install than weld studs
Mechanical Fasteners : 19 April, 2013
PEM type FHP self-clinching flush-head studs install permanently into thin stainless steel sheets to provide attachment in applications requiring corrosion resistance. They will install more easily and at less cost than weld studs and additionally can contribute to thinner and lighter designs for component assemblies in industries including medical, food service and marine.
Innovative design of locking nut minimises thread wear, aids removal
Mechanical Fasteners : 10 April, 2013
Following considerable research and development, TR Fastenings has refined and developed the popular and versatile Binx Nut to create a new all-metal, self-locking nut suitable for use across numerous industry sectors. No bigger than a standard full nut, the Binx Nut’s ingenious design incorporates two opposing cantilevers which lock into the mating part with inward and downward pressure, thus minimising thread wear and enabling the nut to be removed and replaced repeatedly whilst retaining torque resistance.
Heat sink mounting system provides secure attachment and heat dissipation
Mechanical Fasteners : 04 April, 2013
The new PEM heat sink mounting system (patent pending) is engineered to securely attach heat sinks to circuit boards while providing firm and constant contact to the chip component for optimum heat dissipation. The system additionally integrates a unique audible "click’ feature to prevent over tightening during installation, accommodates slight expansion and contraction of joint components without causing stress or damage to delicate and expensive circuitry, and allows for removal of the heat sink if necessary.
Dispensing partnership for high technology applications
Adhesives : 01 February, 2013
Intertronics announces a new partnership for 2013 with Liquidyn GmbH, specialist manufacturers of high precision contactless micro dispensing equipment, delivering stable, accurate, fast and flexible performance.
High performance thermally conductive epoxy adhesives
Adhesives : 12 November, 2012
The Polytec PT epoxy range offers thermal conductivities up to 3 W.m-1.K-1 – significantly higher than more general industry norms. They are supplied in process convenient packaging, including twin packs or as premixed and frozen syringes, eliminating both mixing and mess.
Medical device adhesive guides cover needle bonding and catheter assembly
Adhesives : 01 November, 2012
The specialist adhesives team at Intertronics have put together a wide portfolio of products specifically designed for medical device assembly - two specific applications are addressed now in new selector guides from sales partner Dymax – focusing on Needle Bonding and Catheter Assembly. The guides are packed with detailed information intended to help device manufacturers choose the appropriate adhesive, along with compatible dispensing and curing equipment to suit individual needs.
General purpose polyester tape for powder-coat masking or splicing
Adhesives : 18 October, 2012
3M has added a high-performance yet cost-effective general purpose polyester tape to its industrial tapes range. Ideal for powder-coat masking or splicing, the new General Purpose Polyester Tape 8995 by 3M can also be used as a flash breaker for adhesive overspill or for bagging in the composite bonding process.
Inorganic binder to harden and seal at high temperatures
Adhesives : 07 October, 2012
Ceramabindtm 542 is a new high temperature inorganic binder system formulated by Aremco Products, used to harden and seal porous refractories and thermal spray coatings for high temperature applications to 1760C.
A wide mix of needles, barrels and plungers
Adhesives : 03 October, 2012
Intertronics is offering engineers the Fisnar FIS DCK500 Dispensing Component Kit and to provide one free with their dispensing controllers.
Online ordering portal added for fastener purchasers
Mechanical Fasteners : 30 September, 2012
Stainless Threaded Fasteners (STF) is offering customers easy access to a wide range of products and services via STFTrade, a new online ordering portal.
Test and inspection service ensures welds are fit for purpose
Welding : 30 September, 2012
West Yorkshire-based Keighley Laboratories offers a comprehensive weld testing and inspection service, including welding procedure consultancy and approval, welder qualification tests, on-site weld investigation and, through its newly-upgraded Test House, a complete range of destructive, non-destructive and metallography testing facilities.
A great big adjustable hinge, only smaller
Mechanical Fasteners : 30 September, 2012
The HES3D-120 is a much awaited addition to the Sugatsune range, for architects and designers who have been asking for a smaller hinge with the same values as the HES3D-190.
Silicone elastomer high temperature adhesive with excellent flexibility and thermal shock resistance
Adhesives : 15 September, 2012
Aremco-Bond 2330 is a new high temperature, single-part, silicone-elastomer adhesive produced by Aremco Products, used for industrial bonding applications to 570F (300C).
Plastic fasteners and fixings for PCBs and cables
Mechanical Fasteners : 10 September, 2012
TR Fastenings announces the launch of its new plastic products range for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) hardware and Cable Management requirements.
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