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Mechanical Components
Spherical roller bearings withstand harsh environments
Bearings : 06 November, 2016
NSK has developed new spherical roller bearings for conveyor belt drive pulleys used in harsh environment applications that offer simple installation and excellent sealing efficiency. Although ideal for new-build conveyors, the use of standard, ISO-compatible dimensions means they can also be retrofitted to existing conveyor systems.
Free booklet explains bearing designation systems
Bearings : 05 January, 2016
A compact, 48-page booklet has been published by NSK that explains bearing designations in concise and clear terms, thus making it easier for engineers to choose bearings and order spare parts.
Plastic bearings - tribo makes all the difference
Bearings : 08 September, 2014
Rob Dumayne, Director at Igus, reviews the latest developments in plastic bearings, and how industrial manufacturers can use them to produce cost savings while increasing their environmental credentials.
Tubular handles with adjustable mounts
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 23 April, 2014
Elesa’s new GN333.3 tubular aluminium handles feature moveable shank mountings with polyamide end caps. They are available in straight lengths or with custom bends and are expected to be of value in many applications from architectural hand rails such as lifts and stairs, and onto machinery operation - for example, press brakes, control pods and sliding doors.
Stainless steel eccentric cam clamping levers
Knobs, Levers & Handwheels : 15 April, 2014
Quick clamping in arduous environments is now easier as a result of Elesa’s introduction of their GN927.5 series of standard flip-up action stainless steel clamping levers.
Clamping device for round shafts
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 28 February, 2014
The GN928 launched by Elesa is a novel clamping device to be incorporated into equipment mountings, such as machine vices, where frequent readjustment is required for the quick and precise operation of a mounting shaft/tubular shaft.
More productivity with optimally cushioned pneumatic cylinders
Springs, Dampers & Shock Absorbers : 22 February, 2014
Festo has issued a whitepaper to help engineers and designers understand the advantages and disadvantages of various cushioning technologies, so they can improve their processes.
Safety indexing plungers for quick, accurate location
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 20 December, 2013
The new GN414 range of safety indexing plungers from Elesa are designed for industrial applications in the machine tool and general engineering industries for location of jigs and other equipment where quick, accurate location is required, examples being medical or food trolleys and similar. In three simple variants Elesa has covered the likely safety requirements for these quick operation indexes. Pin diameters of 6, 8 and 10mm are provided in the range.
Springmaker invests in press tooling design and spring simulation software
Springs, Dampers & Shock Absorbers : 20 December, 2013
Leading spring manufacturer and distributor European Springs & Pressings has invested in a new 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) system and an Automated Vision Measuring System. The new 3D CAD system, which includes both hardware and software, comprises a state of the art 2D and 3D system with additional bespoke press tooling design and spring simulation packages.
Vehicle latches and handles for specialist vehicle builders
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 20 December, 2013
EMKA has packaged together its range of latches and handles, designed for the typical application problems experienced by specialist vehicle builders, into a single Transport Solutions Catalogue. Standard products are listed, along with details of EMKA’s custom design service. Designers and production engineers involved with motor homes, caravans, trucks, vans, horse boxes, coaches, mini-buses, railway rolling stock, railway trackside installations, emergency service vehicles, and boat fittings may expect to find many useful latch and handle products in this programme.
Finger pull handles with a range of finishes
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 02 December, 2013
Elesa’s new Finger Pull handles are available in both chrome finished and in stainless steel, which is suitable for food processing, offshore and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene or corrosion considerations call for the characteristics of stainless steel.
Alternative methods for automotive industry to decrease friction without reducing viscosity
Lubricants : 02 December, 2013
At a recent conference in Brussels, specialist oil developer and producer Millers Oils warned of the dangers of relying upon simply reducing oil viscosity to help meet increasingly stringent emissions targets. Concurrent oil and driveline development can optimise the efficiency of current technologies, and enable the evolution of a new generation of low emissions vehicles that benefit from increased durability and reliability.
Self-gripping extruded corner gaskets for enclosures and cabinets
Knobs, Levers & Handwheels : 10 November, 2013
The FDB range of self-gripping extruded gasket has served specialist enclosure and cabinet builders well for many years, but fitting to square corners has always involved either cutting or deforming the gasket so limiting the sealing degree achievable. Now, FDB believes that the corner radius adapter and the Rocfast pre-assembled frames offer a complete answer to many gasket installation problems.
Extended range of RFI/EMI SMD spring contacts save space and cost
Springs, Dampers & Shock Absorbers : 23 September, 2013
Harwin has expanded its range of EZ-Spring Contacts with different contact styles and heights. Part of the EZ-BoardWare range of PCB hardware products, the surface mount Spring Contacts - also known as Spring Fingers or Grounding Contacts – are now available in 15 different sizes, ranging from 1.7 to 7.25mm free height (1.20 to 6.35mm minimum working height), and are suitable for both vertical and horizontal contact actions.
Damping and cushioning elements with stainless steel base mounting
Springs, Dampers & Shock Absorbers : 11 September, 2013
This high performance range of vibration damping components from Elesa includes a complete range of damper and cushioning elements with steel and stainless steel base mounting. Essentially operating in compression or shear, double ended cylindrical units are often required to carry heavy equipment loads while on the other hand single mounting buffers in pad or conical format are ideal for absorbing energy on impact during equipment operation or door closure.
Dry running linear guides and bearings last in wooden pallet production
Bearings : 03 September, 2013
Aloysius Krenzer KG produces euro pallets and bespoke wooden pallets with a high degree of automation. When the company orders new systems it requests that the equipment manufacturer uses Drylin linear guides from Igus for certain applications. These bearings have proven themselves in linear drives, which operate dynamically under high loads.
Slotted control knobs in stainless steel
Knobs, Levers & Handwheels : 29 August, 2013
Elesa’s range of stainless steel standard components is enhanced with the new GN 436 series of grubscrew fitted control knobs with slots (or flutes) down the sides for fine dextral control.
Plastic components eliminate noise and reduce maintenance in wind turbines
Bearings : 27 August, 2013
Plastic parts from Igus UK are being used within wind power applications from the development stage right through to the final production unit. Their dry-running, combined with extreme weather resistance, reduces maintenance and overall running costs whilst increasing productivity.
High performance tribo-polymer bearings and energy chains
Bearings : 13 August, 2013
Igus UK is showcasing new high performance tribo-polymer bearings, energy chains and cables at The Machine Building Show.
Heavy duty hinge for spring closure
Springs, Dampers & Shock Absorbers : 03 August, 2013
Heavy metal doors, metal furniture and heavy panels often call for spring closure – which is addressed by this range of aluminium spring hinges from FDB Panel Fittings which offer automatic opening and closing with high performance spring torques up to 3.8Nm – such that it is possible to move doors up to 90kg with just three hinges
Versatile two-spoke handwheels in cast aluminium
Knobs, Levers & Handwheels : 29 July, 2013
Elesa’s range of handwheels now includes the two-spoke GN 924 aluminium design, suited to so many industrial applications where the style of the machine reflects the quality and performance of the complete equipment package. This is appropriate in high tech optical equipment, milling and prototyping machines, as well as new generation machine tools, packaging and printing equipment.
608 more washer sizes
Washers : 23 July, 2013
Boker has added 608 new flat washer sizes to its offering. These new sizes increase the company’s expansive line of 27,000 non-standard washer and spacer sizes. Custom-built options include numerous metallic and non-metallic materials, sizes, thicknesses and production quantities, all of which provide millions of washer possibilities.
Solid aluminium handwheels for non-spoked designs
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 24 June, 2013
The Elesa GN 923 range of solid aluminium handwheels suits spindles and controls on a wide range of industrial machines where a non-spoked design is required, perhaps for reasons of safety or aesthetics.
How motion control with damping can improve safety
Springs, Dampers & Shock Absorbers : 24 June, 2013
Sugatsune was recently contacted by a company that had suffered two industrial accidents in quick succession, both involving service hatches on production line equipment. In both cases a flap had descended unexpectedly on an arm or hand. A safety mechanism had been misused on one and simply wasn’t present on the second. So what’s the best way of preventing accidents like these?
Compact cable management systems for theatres
Chains & Sprockets : 12 June, 2013
The Igus e-spool is a compact cable management system that has been designed to be more flexible than traditional cable drums. It is being exhibited for the theatre industry for the first time at the ABTT Show in London.
Optimal leaf spring for retail lighting developed in tight timeframe
Springs, Dampers & Shock Absorbers : 25 May, 2013
Lesjöfors has produced leaf springs for lighting specialist Fagerhult. The springs are now used in lighting for one of the world’s biggest clothes chains.
Compression lock with padlockable wing handle
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 24 May, 2013
A new compression lock design from FDB Panel Fittings offers the convenience of a wing knob for operation, together with the security of a padlockable facility. Applications will include outdoor enclosures for electrical and telecoms installations.
IP67 safety switch and hinge
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 10 May, 2013
Combining multiple functions has many advantages for installers and operators so that the Elesa CFSW-110 IP67 180 degree hinge has been designed with its own built-in multiple safety switch, in order that in the event of accidental opening of a control cabinet door, machine panel or safety door, it automatically shuts off the power and protects the operators of machinery and production equipment. The CFSW is paired with its equivalent mechanical hinge, the CFMW-110 which facilitates a tough, safe installation.
Video File: Service launched to assemble and install energy chains
Chains & Sprockets : 15 April, 2013
Energy chain and cable specialist Igus UK has expanded its assembly and installation service. The lead time for this service is now only five days and is available for projects all over the UK. The experts can install energy chain systems for any application, for example from a 70m long train wash system to a 500m long unloading crane application, saving time and money. For every system installed, Igus also guarantees the system for a long period of maintenance-free operation, to agreed technical specifications.
Video Report: Reliable linear bearings easy to fit, give long, lubrication-free life
Bearings : 04 April, 2013
Bearing specialist Igus UK offers interchangeable lubrication-free linear bearing liners that are based on specially developed wear resistant plastics. As a result of using the liners, users can reduce downtime and improve their processes significantly.
Vandal-resistant swinghandle for mechanical or electronic access control
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 27 March, 2013
EMKA’s new 1317 single cylinder swinghandle has successfully passed the WK2 DIN VENV 1630 test (RC2 resistance class 2 for vandal resistance) and is available for profile half cylinders (40 or 45mm) as well as for specialist KABA cylinders.
Design variations on industrial castor range cover spectrum of duty cycles
Knobs, Levers & Handwheels : 27 March, 2013
From light through medium to heavy duty industrial applications, Elesa’s castor range spans from the RE.E3 (at up to 250kg per wheel) via the RE.FF (up to 750kg per wheel) and on to the RE.F5 (over 750kg per wheel). The range addresses applications such as manually manoeuvred trolleys, barrows or equipment in storage, service or production or waste handling environments; industrial trolleys or transfer equipment, including production, machining, transport, distribution and storage.
Low profile compression latch for quick, secure high vibration locking
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 23 March, 2013
The new 1-067 compression latch from FDB comes in a sleek low profile design (4.5mm protrusion) with 7mm compression and locked/unlocked visual indicator. It is thus especially well-suited to applications that require quick and secure locking in high vibration environments, such as vehicles or machine tools.
Bearings for thermal and kinetic energy recovery systems
Vacuum Generators & Suction Cups : 25 February, 2013
In automotive and industrial applications, super precision bearings are playing a key role in both thermal and kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS), helping OEMs develop greener, more energy efficient systems, says Chris Mitchell, Project Manager at The Barden Corporation.
Plastic plain bearings resist machine tool chips
Bearings : 19 January, 2013
Plastic linear and plain bearings from Igus are increasingly replacing metal bearings and roller bearings in the machine tools sector due to their chip, dirt and dust resistant capabilities.
Maintenance-free plastic bearings and cabling
Bearings : 13 January, 2013
Igus is showcasing its high performance triboplastic bearings, cables and energy chains at Southern Manufacturing 2013 show in Farnborough, 16-17 February.
Swing handles with self-contained power supply
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 19 November, 2012
Swinghandle developments have led to the development of the 3000 series handle with a self-contained power supply, wireless radio key and the ability to interface, wirelessly with electronic monitoring systems, giving greater control in monitored workshops over machine control access.
Linear bearing liner reduces downtime in pick-and-place machinery
Bearings : 19 November, 2012
Linear bearing specialist Igus has produced a linear bearing liner that, when used in conjunction with Drylin precision aluminium shafts, can increase productivity in pick-and-place machinery in the materials handling sector.
Robot demonstrates memory functionality of non-volatile keys
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 07 November, 2012
Nexus is exhibiting its range of non volatile keys, tokens and receptacles at the Southern Manufacturing show, which takes place in Farnborough, Hampshire on 13 and 14 February 2013. Nexus is using a custom designed robot application to illustrate the potential.
Miniature gas spring manages precision engineering and heavy lifting
Springs, Dampers & Shock Absorbers : 07 November, 2012
Lesjöfors has developed a new gas spring with a cylinder of just 12mm diameter and a rod diameter of only 4mm. It is now available as a standard part in over 110 different combinations of lengths and forces. The driving force behind the development was a customised solution for a customer in Belgium. It will be an excellent alternative for applications needing low force demands in limited space in the applications.
Air bearing system for scanning applications offers ultra-smooth linear motion
Bearings : 05 November, 2012
NEAT's AirGlide air bearing stage, avaioable from Heason Technology, is aimed at scanning applications with ultra-smooth linear motion of +/-200nm at 5mm/s. The positional accuracy is within 3 microns for the standard version and better than 1 micron for the interferometer calibrated version.
Short-bodied compression latch for small enclosures is vibration resistant
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 01 November, 2012
The recently announced Program 1000-U852 compact compression latch from EMKA is a great idea for specialist enclosure manufacturers looking for a vibration-resistant locking solution to suit small enclosures with restricted available internal depth.
Quarter-turn locks - past, present and future
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 29 October, 2012
Not so long ago - before the introduction of the quarter-turn lock - there were two popular ways of closing small cabinet doors: with a threaded fastener such as a screw, or with an L or T handle which was usually out of proportion, cumbersome and expensive.
Commercial vehicle components and accessories catalogue
Latches, Locks & Hinges : 23 October, 2012
Offering standard and custom component/accessory solutions for commercial vehicles, the new EMKA catalogue covers wide application from vans, trucks, special service vehicles, off-road vehicles, as well as rail and light rail transport.
Pivot point articulated hydraulic coupling uses thermoplastic bearing
Bearings : 07 September, 2012
Improved reliability, even in demanding environments, and maintenance-free operation are key benefits that have led Wye Cylinder Engineering, a specialist manufacturer of standard and custom hydraulic cylinders, to recommend the use of Igus iglidur polymer bearings in conjunction with its products.
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