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Power Transmission
How to control hydraulic flow rates more efficiently
Hydraulic Motors & Drives : 06 November, 2016
Eaton has published a new white paper that provides background and approaches for reducing energy consumption in applications where flow rates need to be controlled. Using hydraulic power units as an example, the power management company’s new white paper, entitled Planning and operating hydraulic power units to provide greater energy efficiency, explains how and why the choice of drive concept for hydraulic pumps can have a significant impact on energy and life cycle costs.
Pump reliability improved with variable-speed drive and motor upgrade
Electric Motors : 06 November, 2016
Scottish Water has cut the risk of pump set failure at its Mannofield water treatment works in Aberdeen with the installation of an ABB motor and low harmonic variable-speed drive (VSD).
Variable speed starters bridge gap between motor starters and variable speed drives
Industrial Drives : 23 August, 2015
There’s no getting around the ErP directive for machine and system builders since the second stage of the EU motor efficiency regulations took effect at the start of this year. Until now the industry has mainly focused on electric motors, but that is not enough. To optimise the efficiency of machines and systems, the switchgear also has to be taken into account, argues Stuart Greenwood, Product Marketing Manager Industrial Control & Automation, Eaton UK.
Do users of high frequency (>600Hz) drives risk breaking the law?
Industrial Drives : 20 April, 2015
This article from Control Techniques examines the implication of new legislation covering the export of high frequency (HF) drives - which could result in hefty penalties, including potential prison sentences, for machine builders and system integrators - and sets out the company's position.
Shorter drive targeting smaller, lighter robotic rigs
Gears & Gearboxes : 20 April, 2015
Gear specialist Harmonic Drive UK has launched a gear component set for use in robotics and motion control. The market for motion control experienced a 6% rise in 2014, reaching a revenue of $12.2bn, according to a recent survey by the IHS. Similarly, the industrial robotics market is growing by 6.2% annually and is currently worth $28.9bn. Expecting this growth to continue for the rest of 2015, Harmonic Drive has developed a new, shorter, SHD drive targeting the trend for smaller, lighter rigs.
Two motors series fulfil IE3 class requirements
Electric Motors : 17 April, 2015
Two motor series from Bonfiglioli - the BX and MX series - fulfilling IE3 class requirements, are now available in the 7.5-22kW range. They are aimed at applications that require low energy consumption, particularly continuous duty actions.
Medium voltage variable speed drive with twice rated power
Industrial Drives : 12 March, 2015
For medium voltage three-phase induction and synchronous motors across a broader power range, WEG has more than doubled the maximum power of its air-cooled MVW01 medium voltage variable speed drives - from 6.5 to 16MW for voltages from 2.3 to 4.16kV. The drive is targeting pumps, fans, mills and agitators in the oil and gas, mining, minerals and metals, chemical, paper, plastics and rubber, and water and wastewater sectors.
Parallel VFD cables can enhance performance of high-power motors
Industrial Drives : 12 March, 2015
Peter Cox, director of industrial projects for Belden's industrial cable group, explains how the right cable selection can control electrical noise in VFDs.
Servo-driven actuators designed to replace pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
Linear & Rotary Actuators : 07 February, 2015
The new Linear-Mech SA range of servo-driven actuators fron Techdrives is designed to take the place of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders by giving better performance, higher precision and substantial energy savings.
Motor drive software claims to top industry-leading variable speed drives
Industrial Drives : 28 December, 2014
New variable speed drive software for motor controllers developed by AC Kinetics is said to use 37% less energy than a Rockwell 50HP motor drive, and 66.5% less than a WEG 5HP drive during transient inertial testing, according to a December 2014 report from Advanced Energy, an independent NIST certified motor and drive lab in the US.
Half truths and misconceptions: variable speed drives and energy saving
Industrial Drives : 28 December, 2014
Harmonics, EMI/RFI, Ventilation – all important considerations when selecting a motor control solution. Do you require variable speed control, or would a fixed speed soft start solution be a better choice? Jsme Archer of Aucom Electronics discusses the key issues.
Variable speed starters for motor control
Soft Starters : 29 November, 2014
Eaton has developed an innovative new option for motor control – the Variable Speed Starter (VSS). The new VSS combines the simplicity of a conventional fixed-speed starter with ability to vary the speed of the motor.
Optimised motors for compact robots
Electric Motors : 29 November, 2014
Kuka's compact robots in the KR Agilus series are precise, agile and fast. As agile systems these five-axis and six-axis handling units feature short cycle times and high repeatability, particularly for pick-and-place tasks. Synchronous servo motors from Kollmorgen's AKM series play a major role in achieving this high dynamic performance and precision.
Breakthrough green motor technology promises significant energy savings
Electric Motors : 11 November, 2014
Tests purport to show that an algorithm-based advancement in motor control technology developed by AC Kinetics can significantly reduce electricity usage in AC induction motors used in motor-intensive sectors in manufacturing, mass transportation and energy production.
Glass processing: two drive interfaces enable connecting two motors with a single servo drive
Drive Shafts : 09 November, 2014
With the Titan series, Bottero Group has developed a fully automated plant for glass processing that performs bilateral grinding of pane edges. The grinder is composed of a large frame that allows the standard processing of sheets with different sizes and shapes without any operation modifications. The main objective during the design process was to create the simplest, most fully automated driving system without jeopardizing its efficiency. To achieve this aim, Bottero developed in co-operation with Kollmorgen, a solution that is based on a single AKD servo-converter for driving two servo-motors that are not simultaneously operating.
Milestone certification in diesel engine development programme
Engines & Prime Movers : 21 September, 2014
Kubota, provider of oil and water cooled diesel and dual fuel engines, has reached a landmark in its engine development programme after its new V3800-TI and V6108-TI models achieved EU Stage IV / US EPA Tier4 Final certification. These diesel engine models were certified by EPA, Tier 4 Final on 17 July 2014 and European Union, Stage IV on 30 June 2014.
Bellows couplings for backlash-free shaft connection
Couplings : 12 September, 2014
Mayr’s Smartflex bellows couplings cover a torque range of 16 to 700Nm and offer simple, reliable, flexible, backlash-free shaft connection at an economic price. Through a strategic global stocking initiative, the company is now able to supply all common sizes of Smartflex and all standard bores on a one day lead time.
Turbocharger patents showcased at Automechanika
Industrial diesel engine components : 08 September, 2014
Cummins Turbo Technologies is showcasing a selection of the 70 patents it holds for its pioneering Variable Geometry (VG) technology at Automechanika (16 to 20 September 2014, Frankfurt).
Torsionally soft shaft coupling for high misalignments
Couplings : 10 August, 2014
The Hexaflex range of shaft couplings, available in the UK through Techdrives, is a rugged design with high misalignment capacity. Suiting shafts from 15 to 95mm, rated torques are 100 to 2200Nm in six sizes. The Hexaflex design is based on two aluminium hubs connected by bolts through a reinforced rubber central element. The bolt connection means that the coupling is backlash-free and requires no lubrication or maintenance.
Class 6 Industrial Ethernet Smart Motors in standard and high pole count versions
Electric Motors : 10 August, 2014
These new Class 6 SmartMotors have a new powerful processor that operates at nearly twice the processor speed of Class 5. The PID rate is fixed at 62.5 microseconds with 64K User program memory (twice that of prior SmartMotors) and larger Cam point memory space for cam tables to >3K points.
Inversion-protected marine engines use linear actuator in novel valve design
Industrial diesel engine components : 22 July, 2014
The Special Products Division of EP Barrus designs and builds customised marine engines for the RNLI, UK MoD and many global search and rescue organisations. Following application support from Heason Technology, the company has selected Thomson Electrak 1 series linear actuators to drive the inversion protection valve.
Compact, precision ballscrew stage with linear encoder
Lead Screws, Ballscrews & Roller Screws : 16 June, 2014
A compact, high-performance linear positioning stage, Aerotech’s MPS75SLE features exceptionally smooth travel combined with outstanding accuracy, repeatability and positioning resolution capability to 25nm. Ideal applications include optics positioning, z-axis positioning of sensors in surface metrology, and in general purpose high-precision alignment.
Tiny EtherCAT servo drive weighs in at 18g
Industrial Drives : 16 June, 2014
Elmo Motion Control has announced the release of its flagship Gold Twitter product, claimed to be the smallest, high-power servo drive available.
Siemens appoints new UK Chief Executive
Industrial Drives : 16 June, 2014
Siemens has announced today (11 June 2014) that Juergen Maier, Managing Director of Siemens Industry is to be appointed Chief Executive of Siemens in the UK, effective from 1 July.
Two additional sizes of configurable DC motors, gearheads and encoders
Electric Motors : 21 May, 2014
The Maxon X drives family is being expanded to include two additional motor sizes: 16 and 32mm.
Integrated, intelligent IP69K drives for chemical, pharmaceutical, and food
Industrial Drives : 08 May, 2014
Developed for strict hygiene requirements and featuring IP66/IP69K ingress protection, Nord Drivesystems has launched a range of smooth-surface motors with an integrated frequency inverter in the 0.37 to 1.1kW performance range. These SK 180E drive units are for dynamic speed control and automatic process control in applications that need to be regularly cleaned with high-pressure steam jets. Common applications include conveyors, pumps, mixers, and agitators in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.
Intermediate sizes for parallel and bevel helical gearboxes
Gears & Gearboxes : 23 April, 2014
The Bonfiglioli heavy duty parallel and bevel helical gearboxes HDP and HDO are now more competitive thanks to the new 125 size. HDP 125 and HDO 125 are available in two, three and four stages, with a range of reduction ratios from 1:9 to 1:500.
Twin microprocessors and DC motors enable amputees to walk uninhibited
Electric Motors : 23 April, 2014
Using two brushed DC motors from Maxon Motor, prosthetic specialist Endolite has developed an award-winning foot and ankle system that will revolutionise amputees' walking abilities.
UK source of standard and customer worm gear sets
Gears & Gearboxes : 15 April, 2014
RA Rodriguez is introducing Framo Morat standard and custom worm gear sets to the UK market. Manufactured in Germany, these high-quality yet very competitively priced products are available in large or small quantities. There is plenty of in-depth technical support available directly in the UK as well as from Framo Morat’s experts in Germany. Darren Reynolds is the new Product Manager for Gears at RA Rodriguez.
Mini frequency inverter with integrated micro-PLC for simple technical applications
Gears & Gearboxes : 15 April, 2014
WEG has added the CFW100 mini frequency inverter to its line. It is available in three sizes (A, B and C) for rated motor power from 0.18 to 0.75kW and rated current from 1.6 to 4.2A. With a height of 100 to 126mm, a width of 55mm and a depth of 129mm, the CFW100 units are among the smallest frequency inverters currently available.
Motors embedded into robot articulated axes without additional housings
Electric Motors : 28 March, 2014
UR 5 and UR 10 are two models with which Danish company Universal Robots aims to establish the flexibility of articulated-arm robots in industrial production. The focus is on work areas in which conventional robots have thus far been too big, too expensive, and too loud. Due to their low weight they can be used wherever they are needed. A large part of the power density of the six-axis articulated robots comes from specially adapted KBM direct drive motors from Kollmorgen.
Lightweight aluminium hydraulic cylinders resist lateral loads
Hydraulic Motors & Drives : 28 March, 2014
Holmatro is launching a complete range of lightweight spring return and double-acting aluminium cylinders produced from 7075-T6 black anodised aluminium. We offer a total of 36 models with different capacities and stroke lengths.
IE5 permanent magnet motor has lower losses than its predecessor
Industrial Drives : 15 March, 2014
At the Hannover fair this year, WEG is unveiling an IE5 permanent-magnet motor with even lower losses than its predecessor, the W22 Super Premium induction motor. New products also include the W22x explosion-proof motors in efficiency class IE4.
Auto/manual shutdown valves for diesel engine overspeed protection
Industrial diesel engine components : 10 March, 2014
Wyndham Page has launched an innovative range of cost-competitive shutdown valves for diesel engine overspeed protection in areas in which hazardous concentrations of flammable gas or vapours may exist.
Drive control - centralised or decentralised?
Industrial Drives : 10 March, 2014
Should the drive technology in a machine or system be designed as a central or decentral solution? This is a tricky question that must be answered project managers as soon as possible in a new project. Michael Burghardt, Product Manager HVAC/R, Danfoss VLT Drives discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, and suggests that the best approach might be to let the application decide.
Research programme to prevent heart flutter in power networks
Industrial Drives : 10 February, 2014
Danfoss Power Electronics and Aalborg University in Denmark recently entered into a joint collaboration, the goal of which is to develop frequency converters which do not create electrical interruptions in the power network. The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation has donated 4m DKK in support of the agreement.
Geared motors offer wide speed range in same gearbox frame size
Electric Motors : 31 January, 2014
The Lenze g500 range of aluminium geared motors offers a wide output speed range, both for fixed speed mains supply and variable speed inverter control. The range covers powers from 60W up to 7.5kW with output torques up to 650Nm. As well as helical gearboxes, there are shaft mounted helicals with a hollow output shaft and helical bevels where the output is at 90 degrees to the input.
Integrated servo system with brushless DC motor used to test critical component of in-flight refuelling
Electric Motors : 18 January, 2014
Engineers were recently tasked with developing a test protocol and supporting hardware for a complex planetary gearbox that was at the heart of the centreline hose and drogue in-flight refuelling (IFR) system chosen for the new USAF tanker aircraft.
Sanitaryware machine costs cut without sacrificing functionality or safety
Pneumatic Systems & Components : 10 January, 2014
In the late 19th century, potter and Englishman Thomas Twyford secured his place in history as one of the pioneers of ′sanitary science’ when he built the first modern-looking toilet; a one-piece, all china design that he would refine and promote for the good part of a decade. Almost 130 years later, technology such as Festo’s pneumatics equipment and CPX modular automation platforms are allowing developers and producers of sanitaryware pressure casting systems, PCL Ceramics, to continue to improve upon Mr Twyford’s original idea but in much less time and as cost-effectively as possible.
Bosch Rexroth set to sell pneumatics group
Pneumatic Systems & Components : 08 December, 2013
As implied in February 2012, Bosch Rexroth has announced an agreement to sell its global pneumatics business to Triton Advisers, a European investment group, in order to open additional, long-term growth opportunities beyond factory automation. Bosch Rexroth Pneumatics employs about 2100 people worldwide, including manufacturing sites in the US, Germany, China, Hungary and France. It has been operating as a stand-alone business unit within Bosch Rexroth since June 2013.
Linear actuators enter screw jack territory
Linear & Rotary Actuators : 08 December, 2013
The Servomech range of linear actuators sold in the UK by Techdrives has been extended with powerful new models for forces up to 350kN (35 tonnes). These are well into the performance realm of screw jacks so design engineers have the choice from the two technologies.
Power equipment manufacturer urges drives industry to embrace UL product safety testing and certification.
Industrial Drives : 08 December, 2013
Power equipment manufacturer REO UK is calling for the drives industry to change its perception of UL product safety testing and certification. The company believes that this key safety process is perceived to be red tape by many European OEMS and UK control panel manufacturers and systems integrators. In fact it is a key part of the process of selling equipment to the United States – which is still one of the biggest markets for automation in the world.
Distributed frequency inverters directly mounted on asynchronous motors
Industrial Drives : 02 December, 2013
Complementing the SK 200E line of frequency inverters, Nord Drivesystems introduces the SK 180E which, as its larger counterparts, is directly mounted on asynchronous motors.
Has compressive combustion energy conversion principle potential to double engine efficiencies?
Engines & Prime Movers : 02 December, 2013
Professor Naitoh of Waseda University's Faculty of Science and Engineering claims to have discovered a new compressive combustion principle that can yield engines with the ultimate level of efficiency. With a thermal efficiency of 60% or more in applications including automobiles, power generation, and aircraft, will their low fuel consumption be superior to that of hybrid (HV) vehicles?
Smart AC motor allows wide range of running speeds to be freely set
Industrial Drives : 19 November, 2013
The Lenze Smart Motor is not a variable speed drive but instead one that has the running speed freely set over a 5:1 speed range, from 500 to 2600 rev/min. This offers cost savings to machine builders, particularly in materials handling and conveyors, by reducing the number of variants of geared motors used. Instead of several drives with different gear ratios, a single model of Smart Motor can be used with different programmed speeds.
Single-cable technology for servo drives
Industrial Drives : 10 November, 2013
The benefits when connecting servo motors to servo controllers with only a single cable are experienced along the entire value chain. Because encoder signals and motor power are both physically transmitted through the same cable, an interface becomes superfluous for each axis connected. Tangible cost savings are realised by discarding a cable and two connectors.
Compact soft starters feature advanced intelligence
Soft Starters : 29 October, 2013
Eaton is now offering the new S811+ compact soft starter for operating currents from 11-1000A. One of the smallest intelligent devices in the industry, the S811+ comes with integrated overload protection and by-pass contactor.
Motion controller offers superimposed motions in real time
Industrial Drives : 24 October, 2013
Full delta robot support, enhanced error correction support and superimposed motion are now an integrated part of the Gold Maestro Version from Elmo Motion Control, following the latest firmware release. This range of powerful new features make complex motion tasks easier to program and faster to implement.
Drive and motor combination for elevators offers quick and simple commissioning
Industrial Drives : 16 October, 2013
Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer, both part of Emerson Industrial Automation, have launched a new range of variable speed drives: E200 and E300, and a new permanent magnet motor, E27, designed for the elevator market. All new products were displayed at the Interlift elevator show.
WEG to host Midlands leg of Motor Driven Systems Conference
Electric Motors : 10 October, 2013
WEG is to host the Midlands leg of the 2013 Motor Driven Systems (MDS) Conference roadshow at its Redditch facility, on Tuesday 5 November. Featuring representatives from the UK Government, research bodies, trade associations, manufacturers and end users, MDS focuses on practical solutions to real life industry requirements.
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