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Optimizing Profinet for process automation
Process Automation Systems : 21 July, 2015
In production automation, Profinet forms the technological basis for extremely high performance of processes and diagnostics and for the integrated nature of the data flow. The process automation sector now wants to reap these benefits too. That is why Profibus & Profinet International (PI) is working energetically on standards for the purpose of optimizing Profinetfor the special demands of process automation.
Capping heads for filling plants are virtually wear and maintenance-free
Process Automation Systems : 29 November, 2014
Mayr Power Transmission has developed a new, extremely wear-resistant and almost maintenance-free generation of capping heads – for minimum downtimes and maximum plant availability. Made from plastic, rust-proof Roba capping head is a continuous, impact-free, torque-apply screw cap.
EMC textile gaskets for temperatures up to 85C
Seals & Gaskets : 09 November, 2014
Up to now, selecting EMC shielding for Schroff cases, subracks or systems has meant one of two options: stainless steel gaskets for temperature ranges in excess of 85C or textile gaskets for temperatures below 70C. Closing the gap, the Schroff brand of Pentair is pleased to announce that it now offers a textile EMC gasket for an extended temperature range of up to 85C for its cases, subracks and systems.
Hybrid-bearing turbomolecular pump series for analytical scientific applications
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 24 October, 2014
Shimadzu Corporation announces an expansion in turbo molecular vacuum pump business with the launch of the new compact and robust hybrid-bearing TMP-B300 turbo molecular pump for vacuum industries and analytic scientific applications.
Order to provide control system for PEMEX ultra-low-sulphur diesel fuel plant
Process Automation Systems : 08 September, 2014
Yokogawa Electric Corporation subsidiary Yokogawa de Mexico has received an order from Cobra Instalaciones Mexico, a subsidiary of the Spanish EPC firm ACS, to supply an integrated control and safety instrumented system for an ultra-low-sulphur diesel fuel plant that is being built for PEMEX Refinación, a subsidiary of Mexico's national oil company, PEMEX.
Bolt-on pump package for offshore applications
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 16 June, 2014
BBA Pumps introduces a bolt-on pump package with a sub-frame assembly to cater for the offshore industry, where there is no need for a complete skid and/or canopy. These units feature any BA-C pump coupled to a diesel engine, including the control panel, and mounted on a high quality, galvanised sub-frame. The frames can be customised with lifting bales, protection bars etc. should these be required.
Software provides multiple pump control and system monitoring
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 28 March, 2014
WEG has launched process control software which enables engineers to optimise their pumping systems, so they run more efficiently. The software is designed to reduce pumping system operation and maintenance costs while increasing process accuracy and protection. The software with CFW-11 drive is being demonstrated at the Pump Centre Conference, 30 April 2014, at the International Centre, Telford.
Membrane contactor for dissolved gas control targets moderate liquid process flow rates
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 28 March, 2014
Membrana-Charlotte has introduced a new 8x20in stainless steel Liqui-Cel membrane contactor to its portfolio of dissolved gas control products. This FDA-compliant device provides beverage and pharmaceutical customers with an option to economically design membrane-based systems with flow rate requirements that fall in between existing low and high flow rate products.
Metering ball valve (MBV) with shut-off function
Pipes & Fittings : 10 March, 2014
HAM-LET's metering ball valve (MBV) incorporates both metering and shut-off functions in one unit, and has been patented in the US and won HAM-LET recognition for its innovative technology.
Champagne producer supervises its tanks
Process Automation Systems : 10 March, 2014
Champagne house Veuve Clicquot now has a PCVue smart system that supervises fermentation in its 400 fermentation tanks where the Veuve Clicquot champagne is stored.
White paper released on structural aspects of sealing profiles
Seals & Gaskets : 31 January, 2014
A major part of the performance of a typical sealing profile comes from correctly understanding the structural factors which support and control the rubber profile of whatever specification chosen and which must be correctly determined in order to ensure a satisfactory installation in the long term. In a new whitepaper, Andy Billingham, Managing Director of EMKA (UK) covers the more important aspects worthy of consideration in the design of complex steel inserted extruded rubber profiles.
Production facility for air and gas purification opens in the Netherlands
Pressure Regulators, Gaseous Control Equipment : 27 January, 2014
Atlas Copco Air & Gas Purification has inaugurated its new production facility in Oosterhout, The Netherlands. The facility will provide custom engineered air and gas purification systems and biogas upgrading.
Flexible compressed air installation saves energy
Compressed Air : 10 January, 2014
Henkel Central Eastern Europe (CEE) in Vienna has saved energy at its modern production facility for laundry detergents by establishing three air networks fed by Atlas Copco compressors with different operating pressures for various applications throughout its plant premises.
Spill-free fluid transfer couplings for shale gas extraction
Pipes & Fittings : 10 January, 2014
Emco Wheaton Canada has stepped up its ability to supply a wide range of Dry-BreK couplings after identifying a growing need due to increased shale gas discoveries on the continent. The organisation is stocking its shelves with both Emco Wheaton and TODO products meaning lead times are shorter and clients are able to receive their equipment quicker.
Connectors for shallow depth female threads
Pipes & Fittings : 20 December, 2013
FasTest announces FN Series connectors for reduced insertion depth to internal threads. The connectors provide safe and reliable instant manual or automated leak tight connections to shallow depth female threads in a wide range of applications, including vacuum testing, media filling or flushing and performance testing.
Speciality capillary tubing for pharmaceutical analysis
Pharmaceutical Tubing : 08 December, 2013
Molex introduces a range of speciality capillary tubing technologies which targets practical applications of capillary electrophoresis (CE) in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Carbon infra-red emitters allow printing inks to dry at high speed
Process Drying Equipment : 19 November, 2013
An investment of £180,000 in Carbon infra-red (CIR) emitters from Heraeus Noblelight have allowed GI Solutions to achieve the rapid drying of water-based inks at line speeds of up to 300m/min on printing machines at its Leicester factory.
Precision engineering company opts for energy-saving, eco-efficient compressor
Compressed Air : 24 October, 2013
In September 2012 Atlas Copco Compressors invited precision engineering company Di-Spark Group to trial the operation of its latest innovation, the energy and space saving, vertical aspect GA15VSD+ rotary screw compressor, which is powered by Atlas Copco's in-house designed interior permanent magnet (iPM) motor. The compressor’s performance and the impressive energy savings gained to date, plus the unit’s minimal footprint, persuaded Di-Spark to install the compressor as a permanent addition to the air supply plant at its two sites in Horndean, East Hampshire.
Compressed air filters offer higher efficiency and lower pressure drop
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 16 October, 2013
Atlas Copco Compressors has launched a new range of DD+, PD+, DDp+ and PDp+ standard and high pressure filters. They enable users to efficiently reduce all types of contamination in their compressed air system and ensure equipment and processes are protected. The innovative design of the filters provide for a pressure drop of half that associated with conventional coalescing or particulate filters, translating into significant energy savings.
Connector series expanded for international thread profiles
Seals & Gaskets : 16 October, 2013
FasTest's FasMate Series connectors are now available in new metric thread sizes to accommodate international testing applications.
Extruded gasket range exceeds 700 sealing profiles
Seals & Gaskets : 10 October, 2013
The already extensive EMKA range of enclosure gaskets has greatly expanded with the addition of many new profiles.
Heat pump inverter matches building's heat loss to extend product life
Refrigeration : 05 October, 2013
Launched this month by renewables company Thermal Earth, is the MasterTherm range of high efficiency heat pumps. The heat pumps use award-winning inverter technology not only on its air source versions but also for its ground source pumps, a first from a UK supplier.
Waste seashells can solve waste water problems
Water Treatment : 05 October, 2013
The thousands of tonnes of waste seashells created by the edible seafood sector are being put to use by the University of Bath in a new waste water cleaning project. Bath University’s Department of Chemical Engineering is exploring the use of waste mussel shells to create a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way of ′polishing’ waste water, which could be used to remove unwanted substances like hormones, pharmaceuticals or fertilisers.
Final NRC approval received for advanced logic system safety system
Process Automation Systems : 23 September, 2013
Westinghouse Electric Company has received the final Safety Evaluation Report from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the Advanced Logic System (ALS) platform, the company’s next generation safety system instrumentation and control for operating plant safety system upgrades and new nuclear plants.
Northumbrian Water opts for energy efficient screw blower
Heating & Ventilation: Industrial Fans, Heaters, Coolers, Blowers & Compressors : 11 September, 2013
Northumbrian Water, provider of water and sewerage services in the North East of England, has chosen Atlas Copco screw blowers to help reduce energy consumption and minimise service costs at its sewage treatment works in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.
Compact turbo molecular pumps with integrated power supplies
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 29 August, 2013
Shimadzu Corporation launches new series of compact turbo molecular pumps with integrated power supplies for the semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing industries. The new TMP-X series will contribute to reducing the costs and downsizing the footprint of manufacturing flat panel displays and semiconductor devices.
Quick-locking connectors offer fast filling for medical and industrial gas applications
Pipes & Fittings : 29 August, 2013
FasTest announces its CGA 540 connectors for medical oxygen and industrial gas filling applications. FasTest’s G540 provides a simple, one-hand sleeve locking connection with no twist or turns required to begin filling compressed gas cylinders in a matter of seconds. With easy operation and minimal maintenance, the G540 is specifically designed for self-contained 540 medical cylinder and inverted rack filling.
Precise pressure control of gaseous fuels and process media
Pressure Regulators, Gaseous Control Equipment : 20 August, 2013
The range of Belgas pressure regulators and general gaseous control products is available in the UK from Marsh Bellofram Europe. These high performance products have a well established pedigree for applications in offshore oil and gas locations, and their diaphragm design is ideally suited for many other commercial and industrial applications.
Sight glass designed to cover higher pressures
Refrigeration : 19 August, 2013
The new Danfoss SGP sight glass offers optimal visibility and is designed to cover higher pressure applications with a maximum working pressure up to 52bar. This means the SGP is also suitable for R410A, R32 and sub-critical R744. In addition, the Danfoss sight glass has enhanced light reflection which allows easy viewing of refrigerant state.
Major contract win for largest UK onshore gas storage facility
Process Automation Systems : 03 August, 2013
Yokogawa United Kingdom has been awarded a multi-million pound contract by SSE Hornsea for the upgrade of one of the UK's largest onshore underground gas storage facilities, located at Atwick, East Yorkshire.
Reciprocating pump line controller built in two months
Process Automation Systems : 03 August, 2013
LIME Instruments is using NI tools to design and build a Universal Frac Pump Controller that monitors the operating parameters of a reciprocating pump used in well servicing applications.
Compressor technology saves energy for automotive supplier
Compressed Air : 14 July, 2013
At Alutec in Germany, the supply of compressed air is obtained through an Atlas Copco contracting agreement. In 2012, the entire compressor station was replaced by latest generation machinery, saving the company at least 70,000kWh every year. Alutec uses the waste heat from the energy efficient compressor for cleaning parts and for heating.
Valves for water, air and neutral media can operate in closed media circuits
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 14 July, 2013
Festo has introduced the VZWF valve, a force pilot operated solenoid valve that can be used with water, air, and neutral media. This new valve utilises relatively small solenoids to control high pressures with large nominal diameters. The units can switch at pressures as low as zero bar and close automatically in the case of a pressure loss in the circuit. These valves can be applied in closed media circuits.
Pilot valve terminal can be specified with customised pin allocation
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 12 June, 2013
The VTOC valve terminal from Festo is particularly suitable for pilot control of process valves in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, flat-panel, biotech, pharmaceutical and process industries – and can now be specified with a customised pin allocation.
Simple and quick connect replacement for existing compressed gas connectors
Compressed Air : 24 May, 2013
FasTest announces the expansion of its innovative ReConnect Program to include the company’s compressed gas connectors, providing a simple and quick connect replacement solution for existing connector technology used for compressed gas filling applications. Through this program, companies can trade in their old or current gas connectors and receive a one-time discount for each connector replaced.
HSL-drive seal with unique protective lip increases tightness of mechanical face seals
Seals & Gaskets : 06 May, 2013
Federal-Mogul Corporation has developed a new mechanical face seal which provides superior protection in extreme environmental conditions compared with conventional solutions. Named "HSL" the solution uses a unique design of the elastomeric part of the seal to prevent dirt intrusion to sensitive components.
Infrared tankless hot water flow heater: energy savings and precise control
Heating & Ventilation: Industrial Fans, Heaters, Coolers, Blowers & Compressors : 15 April, 2013
SuperGreen UK introduces the only water heating system in the world that harnesses the power of infrared and offers performance and features that cannot be found in normal water heater systems.
Chicago Pneumatic exhibits at ComVac, Hannover
Compressed Air : 27 March, 2013
It has now been two years since Chicago Pneumatic launched its compressor portfolio on the European market through a range of distributors. The brand is known for its broad portfolio covering the industrial, vehicle service and construction segment.
Portable valve actuator takes the strain out of manual valve operation
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 19 January, 2013
The Netherlocks Power Wrench portable pneumatic valve actuator facilitates operation of manual valves for process industry employees while contributing to safe working conditions. It is capable of opening and closing any size, type or number of manually operated valves, making it a cost effective alternative to multiple actuators.
Safe refuelling of diesel vehicles relies upon small size to avoid accidents
Pipes & Fittings : 13 January, 2013
Under legislation first introduced in 2009, transport companies across North America are required to install special tanks containing "aqueous urea solutions’ also known as AdBlue or DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) to reduce harmful NOx emissions in diesel powered vehicles. But this raised another problem - the potential for accidental spillage and expensive contamination of fuels.
Industrial liquid cooling system has origins in the IT sector
Heating & Ventilation: Industrial Fans, Heaters, Coolers, Blowers & Compressors : 13 January, 2013
Rittal's new Industrial Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) is designed for applications that demand a level of cooling in excess of that provided by conventional cooling units or air/water heat exchangers. Comprising a large air/water heat exchanger that has a chassis formed from the TS 8 frame, the Industrial LCP may be bayed directly adjacent to enclosures and used to cool installed equipment that dissipates a large amount of heat.
Swedish dry couplings manufacturer transfers production to Kent, UK
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 03 January, 2013
TODO, the manufacturer of Dry-Break couplings, advanced products used to help ensure the safe transfer of hazardous fluids and gases, has relocated its entire production facility in Töreboda, Sweden to Margate, England. The move is part of plans to expand its product range and increase brand recognition worldwide.
Easy mounting IML lock eases maintenance of valves and actuators
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 15 December, 2012
Smith Flow Control (SFC) has introduced its ISO-pattern IML intermediate lock with universal mounting. The IML lock uses an operating key to lock the actuator in an open or closed position so that the valve cannot turn -- no matter what. No custom brackets are required; any valve or actuator with ISO standard mountings is compatible with the IML lock.
Virtual image templates for process automation
Process Automation Systems : 05 November, 2012
Rockwell Automation has launched virtual image templates for the PlantPAx process automation system, including a system server, operator workstation and engineering workstation. These preconfigured, drop-in templates, delivered as images on a USB hard drive, help reduce validation costs and initial engineering time.
Refrigeration brochure details HVAC processing and pressure testing tools
Refrigeration : 23 October, 2012
FasTest announces its new Refrigeration Brochure, highlighting its patented technology and unique products designed to simplify air conditioning, heat pump, ice machine and cooler manufacturing. This 36-page guide provides detailed product information, illustrations and specifications for the company’s pressure testing and processing tools
Refurbishment centre breathes second life into used equipment
Compressed Air : 18 October, 2012
Atlas Copco’s European OriginAir Centre has been officially opened in Belgium. The aim is to provide a single, centralised competence center for the refurbishment of air compressors, dryers and boosters in Europe.
Fast, safe connections for compressed gas filling applications
Pipes & Fittings : 03 October, 2012
FasTest introduces its new line of G-Series connectors for compressed gas filling applications. Designed to connect to CGA 540, 580 and 580 RPV gas valves, the connector series delivers rapid, repeatable connections to pressure vessels, making them ideal for bulk filling facilities.
Regulator packs ensure safe operation of valves
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 03 October, 2012
EasiDrive is a valve operating system that actuates hard-to-operate valves in power plants, chemical processing facilities and oil refineries. It is ideal for use wherever there are manually operated valves with high operating torques, hundreds of hand-wheel turns to open/close or are just difficult to operate.
Remote operation for FAITH PST system
Pumps, Valves & Filters : 15 September, 2012
Designed in response to customer demand, Dutch valve safety product manufacturer Netherlocks has developed the facility for entirely remote operation of its FAITH Partial Stroke Test (PST) system for ESD and HIPPS* valves. This means that the mechanically-safe, fully-online testing of these critical valves can now be initiated and performed from the safety and convenience of the control room, without having to manually access the valve.
Aeronautics research department puts compressed air to the test
Compressed Air : 17 August, 2012
The aeronautics department at the Imperial College of London carries out a range of testing and research projects funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences' Research Council, the EU and a variety of industrial and government bodies.
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