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Modular switch US4 connector for the Smart Factory
Connectors : 06 November, 2016
Harting launches the Han-Modular Switch US4 connector as a strategic part of its Industry 4.0 portfolio. This connector is designed to save control cabinet space, reduce wiring and improve distributed networking, specifically in support of Industry 4.0 modernisation programmes.
Power connector system extended with T-coded mating interface
Connectors : 05 January, 2016
Following the recent introduction of its Brad M12 Power F-coded connector system, Molex introduces a complete range of T-coded cordsets and receptacles that delivers three times the power of standard M12 connectors.
Interfacing power to printed circuit boards
Connectors : 05 January, 2016
Harting Integrated Solutions has extended its design and manufacturing capabilities for applications requiring PCBs capable of transmitting high-power using a range of solutions designed to connect high currents directly onto the PCB.
Single-position PCB terminal blocks for LED applications
Connectors : 21 May, 2014
Phoenix Contact is further expanding its PTSM series with a single-position version for LED lighting applications. With a horizontal connection direction to the PCB, the compact SMD PCB terminal block is delivered in tape-on-reel packaging like the versions with higher position counts, making it suitable for automated soldering processes.
Circular connector with push-pull locking
Connectors : 23 April, 2014
Yamaichi Electronics introduces a new series of circular connectors with a push-pull locking mechanism. The Y-Circ P series offers cost advantages due to material reduction and thus space saving design.
Versatile 2mm test sockets are low profile with gold-plated electrical performance
Connectors : 10 March, 2014
Harwin has announced a new range of PCB-mounted, dual-entry test sockets that accept a 2mm pin. These low profile devices measure only 5.16mm max above the board when mounted, and feature gold-plated contacts to ensure excellent electrical performance.
High speed board-to-cable connection features glued adapter
Connectors : 10 February, 2014
With the new HF512S high speed connector series, Yamaichi Electronics is offering FFC/FPC connectors with a 0.5mm pitch. It combines highly developed connector design with toughness and functionality, making it suited for medical technology, industry, and even in the consumer sector.
Connector mounting frames now available in plastic
Connectors : 08 December, 2013
Harting has introduced plastic versions of its connector mounting frames for the Han-Port front panel interface system. The new option provides a lightweight solution for users who need to connect external devices to controls and systems in control cabinets or machine enclosures for diagnostics or maintenance purposes.
Signal connector provides reliable transmission of energy, signals and data over all power ranges
Connectors : 29 October, 2013
The new Harting Han PushPull signal connector provides reliable transmission of energy, signals and data over all power ranges, consistently and in a uniform package profile.
Overmoulded RJ45 connector with metal housing and kink protection
Connectors : 10 October, 2013
The new Y-ConCover-40-O (O stands for Overmould) is an RJ45 hybrid connector consisting of a metal protective housing with additional overmoulding that achieves outstanding sealing characteristics. It is based on the Yamaichi Electronics "Hermetic Sealed" technology, which was developed a few years ago for extremely reliable photovoltaic connection systems. The product lifetime of these products is designed to be 25 years.
4-pair Profinet cables enable higher data rates
Connectors : 23 September, 2013
Harting has introduced a new range of 4-pair Profinet cables in a strategic move to expand the company’s industrial Ethernet portfolio in the fast-growing market of Ethernet systems in industrial environments.
Module clamp for industrial connector system
Connectors : 18 September, 2013
Harting has introduced a module clamp for use with the Han-Modular industrial connector system. The new unit allows single modules to be assembled in a fully pluggable implementation in an IP 20 environment in a simple, inexpensive and space-saving manner.
Connector for reliable termination in industrial camera systems
Connectors : 03 September, 2013
Variant 4 of the Harting PushPull industrial connector family is suited for providing reliable termination for camera systems in applications such as industrial quality control or security surveillance.
Small-form factor electro-optical convertors with integrated connectors
Connectors : 03 August, 2013
Harting has developed a new range of fibre-optic transceivers suitable for industrial applications by integrating electro-optical converters in small-form factor (SFF and SFP) packages with PushPull connector technology.
Industrial connector hood usable with wide range of cable sizes
Connectors : 24 June, 2013
A new hood whose geometry allows a wide range of cable sizes with flexible handling has been added to the Harting Han B industrial connector range.
Screw module added to modular connector range and saves space
Connectors : 12 June, 2013
A new Han E screw module has been added to the Harting Han-Modular series flexible open connector system, which allows users to assemble customised connector configurations.
Industrial connector series combines many mating cycles and environmental protection
Connectors : 03 June, 2013
The Han HMC industrial connector series from Harting combines more than 10,000 mating cycles with protection against harsh environmental conditions. The is designed for use in applications - in the medical, laboratory and test engineering sectors, for example - where equipment may be employed in different locations and can often be connected and disconnected several times a day. Similar situations occur in the automation environment, where the trend to modular and interchangeable machine tools and control systems also requires connectors that can handle a large number of mating cycles.
Right-angle header connector meets space requirements for sealed applications in vehicles
Connectors : 20 May, 2013
Molex announces a further extension of its CMC product line with the introduction of a 28-circuit right-angle header. The new CMC header mates with the Molex 28-circuit female power connector to offer harness makers a complete, space-saving wire-to-board solution for sealed transportation applications requiring up to 21A. With the introduction on the 28-circuit, high current, right-angle header, harness makers can now meet more challenging space requirements, such as those found on motorcycle ECUs.
High-density rectangular connector for harsh environments
Connectors : 10 May, 2013
The Harting Han Q High Density is a rectangular connector for signal contacts which delivers the highest contact density to date in the company’s compact Han 3A size range. It incorporates 21 D-Sub contacts, including one designed as a leading contact.
Connector module with speedy termination
Connectors : 19 April, 2013
A new version of the Han E industrial connector module from Harting is now available with the company’s Han-Quick Lock termination technology.
Encapsulated drive peripherals provide added ingress protection
Connectors : 04 April, 2013
Component manufacturer REO has introduced a new range of encapsulated units. The new units solve the problem of using non-IP65 rated drive peripherals with IP-65 rated variable speed drives, which is something other manufacturers have not yet achieved. The encapsulated units mean when in use, the core can be cooled in a much more efficient way, allowing other products which are used alongside to develop a much longer shelf life.
Vertical connectors operate at SAS-3 and projected SAS-4 bandwidths
Connectors : 10 March, 2013
Molex introduces high density iPass+ zHD vertical connectors for midplane or other non-edge-board applications. The new iPass+ zHD vertical connector system provides a 0.75mm pitch vertical connector that meets requirements of SAS-3 and projected SAS-4 bandwidths. Driving next generation data rates and port-densities, low-profile iPass+ zHD connectors improve system airflow and signal integrity by eliminating midplane connections
Connector range extended into two-wire gauges
Connectors : 10 March, 2013
Harting has expanded its connector families fitted with Han-Quick Lock termination technology by offering connectors in two wire-gauge ranges. The two families of devices are distinguished by the different colouring of the Han-Quick Lock actuators. The termination wire gauge ranging from 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm has a black actuator, whereas the actuator for the 0.5 to 2.5 mm range is blue.
Robust connector housings with FPM elastomer sealant for outdoor applications
Connectors : 01 March, 2013
Harting has expanded its Han-Eco industrial connector series with a range of plastic housings including a variant designed for outdoor applications.
High current connector for up to 100A per bay
Connectors : 19 February, 2013
Molex introduces the Extreme Energetic high current connector system. It complements Molex’ family of Extreme interconnect and power supply products. The connector system is designed fpor high-end datacom OEMs and power supply applications requiring up to 100.0A per bay.
Shielded connector modules offer mechanical robustness and signal integrity in industrial and transport
Connectors : 13 February, 2013
A potential problem with applications involving frequency converters is that the power cables can often transfer interference to signal cables. With the new Han Shielded module, the signal contacts are now shielded against any such adverse effects. This now enables power and signal modules to be transferred in a connector without interference and securely, even in extreme electrical signal conditions.
Circular connector range offers compact rapid locking for drive systems
Connectors : 16 November, 2012
The new Han X-TEC circular connector from Harting offers a compact, customised method of interfacing in drive systems for machine-tool and automation applications.
Compact crimp female cable connector for smaller printed circuit boards or sub-assemblies
Connectors : 07 November, 2012
Harting has introduced a compact DIN 41612 type 3C crimp female cable connector for use with smaller printed circuit boards or sub-assemblies.
Connector hood with angled cable outlet
Connectors : 23 October, 2012
Harting has introduced a new hood with an angled cable outlet for its innovative Han-Yellock(R) industrial connector.
New variants extend versatility of circuit board connector range
Connectors : 13 October, 2012
Harting has introduced a number of new variants in the Har-Flex robust circuit-board connector family which extend its versatility in a wide range of board-to-board and board-to-cable applications with a contact pitch of 1.27mm.
Circuit board adaptor allows creation of multi-pin connector on printed circuit board
Connectors : 14 September, 2012
Harting has introduced a new 5-pin circuit board adaptor which, when combined with a Han DDD module from the company's proven Han-Modular series, makes it possible to create a multi-pin connector on a printed circuit board.
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