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Industrial Drives
Variable speed starters bridge gap between motor starters and variable speed drives
Industrial Drives : 23 August, 2015
There’s no getting around the ErP directive for machine and system builders since the second stage of the EU motor efficiency regulations took effect at the start of this year. Until now the industry has mainly focused on electric motors, but that is not enough. To optimise the efficiency of machines and systems, the switchgear also has to be taken into account, argues Stuart Greenwood, Product Marketing Manager Industrial Control & Automation, Eaton UK.
Do users of high frequency (>600Hz) drives risk breaking the law?
Industrial Drives : 20 April, 2015
This article from Control Techniques examines the implication of new legislation covering the export of high frequency (HF) drives - which could result in hefty penalties, including potential prison sentences, for machine builders and system integrators - and sets out the company's position.
Medium voltage variable speed drive with twice rated power
Industrial Drives : 12 March, 2015
For medium voltage three-phase induction and synchronous motors across a broader power range, WEG has more than doubled the maximum power of its air-cooled MVW01 medium voltage variable speed drives - from 6.5 to 16MW for voltages from 2.3 to 4.16kV. The drive is targeting pumps, fans, mills and agitators in the oil and gas, mining, minerals and metals, chemical, paper, plastics and rubber, and water and wastewater sectors.
Parallel VFD cables can enhance performance of high-power motors
Industrial Drives : 12 March, 2015
Peter Cox, director of industrial projects for Belden's industrial cable group, explains how the right cable selection can control electrical noise in VFDs.
Motor drive software claims to top industry-leading variable speed drives
Industrial Drives : 28 December, 2014
New variable speed drive software for motor controllers developed by AC Kinetics is said to use 37% less energy than a Rockwell 50HP motor drive, and 66.5% less than a WEG 5HP drive during transient inertial testing, according to a December 2014 report from Advanced Energy, an independent NIST certified motor and drive lab in the US.
Half truths and misconceptions: variable speed drives and energy saving
Industrial Drives : 28 December, 2014
Harmonics, EMI/RFI, Ventilation – all important considerations when selecting a motor control solution. Do you require variable speed control, or would a fixed speed soft start solution be a better choice? Jsme Archer of Aucom Electronics discusses the key issues.
Tiny EtherCAT servo drive weighs in at 18g
Industrial Drives : 16 June, 2014
Elmo Motion Control has announced the release of its flagship Gold Twitter product, claimed to be the smallest, high-power servo drive available.
Siemens appoints new UK Chief Executive
Industrial Drives : 16 June, 2014
Siemens has announced today (11 June 2014) that Juergen Maier, Managing Director of Siemens Industry is to be appointed Chief Executive of Siemens in the UK, effective from 1 July.
Integrated, intelligent IP69K drives for chemical, pharmaceutical, and food
Industrial Drives : 08 May, 2014
Developed for strict hygiene requirements and featuring IP66/IP69K ingress protection, Nord Drivesystems has launched a range of smooth-surface motors with an integrated frequency inverter in the 0.37 to 1.1kW performance range. These SK 180E drive units are for dynamic speed control and automatic process control in applications that need to be regularly cleaned with high-pressure steam jets. Common applications include conveyors, pumps, mixers, and agitators in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.
IE5 permanent magnet motor has lower losses than its predecessor
Industrial Drives : 15 March, 2014
At the Hannover fair this year, WEG is unveiling an IE5 permanent-magnet motor with even lower losses than its predecessor, the W22 Super Premium induction motor. New products also include the W22x explosion-proof motors in efficiency class IE4.
Drive control - centralised or decentralised?
Industrial Drives : 10 March, 2014
Should the drive technology in a machine or system be designed as a central or decentral solution? This is a tricky question that must be answered project managers as soon as possible in a new project. Michael Burghardt, Product Manager HVAC/R, Danfoss VLT Drives discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, and suggests that the best approach might be to let the application decide.
Research programme to prevent heart flutter in power networks
Industrial Drives : 10 February, 2014
Danfoss Power Electronics and Aalborg University in Denmark recently entered into a joint collaboration, the goal of which is to develop frequency converters which do not create electrical interruptions in the power network. The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation has donated 4m DKK in support of the agreement.
Power equipment manufacturer urges drives industry to embrace UL product safety testing and certification.
Industrial Drives : 08 December, 2013
Power equipment manufacturer REO UK is calling for the drives industry to change its perception of UL product safety testing and certification. The company believes that this key safety process is perceived to be red tape by many European OEMS and UK control panel manufacturers and systems integrators. In fact it is a key part of the process of selling equipment to the United States – which is still one of the biggest markets for automation in the world.
Distributed frequency inverters directly mounted on asynchronous motors
Industrial Drives : 02 December, 2013
Complementing the SK 200E line of frequency inverters, Nord Drivesystems introduces the SK 180E which, as its larger counterparts, is directly mounted on asynchronous motors.
Smart AC motor allows wide range of running speeds to be freely set
Industrial Drives : 19 November, 2013
The Lenze Smart Motor is not a variable speed drive but instead one that has the running speed freely set over a 5:1 speed range, from 500 to 2600 rev/min. This offers cost savings to machine builders, particularly in materials handling and conveyors, by reducing the number of variants of geared motors used. Instead of several drives with different gear ratios, a single model of Smart Motor can be used with different programmed speeds.
Single-cable technology for servo drives
Industrial Drives : 10 November, 2013
The benefits when connecting servo motors to servo controllers with only a single cable are experienced along the entire value chain. Because encoder signals and motor power are both physically transmitted through the same cable, an interface becomes superfluous for each axis connected. Tangible cost savings are realised by discarding a cable and two connectors.
Motion controller offers superimposed motions in real time
Industrial Drives : 24 October, 2013
Full delta robot support, enhanced error correction support and superimposed motion are now an integrated part of the Gold Maestro Version from Elmo Motion Control, following the latest firmware release. This range of powerful new features make complex motion tasks easier to program and faster to implement.
Drive and motor combination for elevators offers quick and simple commissioning
Industrial Drives : 16 October, 2013
Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer, both part of Emerson Industrial Automation, have launched a new range of variable speed drives: E200 and E300, and a new permanent magnet motor, E27, designed for the elevator market. All new products were displayed at the Interlift elevator show.
Dynamic brake chopper handles retrofit to any power rating and duty cycle
Industrial Drives : 03 September, 2013
Following Pikatron's 2011 acquisition of TAE Antriebstechnik GmbH, CP Automation now stocks the company’s complete range of Brake Chopper Units (BCU). TAE Pikatron BCU’s provide an ideal retrofit solution for variable speed drives (VSDs) and inverters in a market where VSD manufacturers are increasingly reluctant to offer and stock add-ins to their core products.
Single-cable interconnection system minimises drive hardware and wiring
Industrial Drives : 03 September, 2013
Heason Technology is offering the Kollmorgen an innovative single cable option that combines motor power and feedback connection. The highly scalable solutions are available with high-resolution Hiperface DSL absolute encoders or SFD digital resolvers and can be used for almost all types of applications. Hardware and wiring requirements are significantly reduced. Additionally, planning, installation and procurement costs can be further reduced when Kollmorgen servo controllers with integrated motion controls are selected.
Ultra-high current military servo drives combine power conversion and PWM
Industrial Drives : 29 August, 2013
The newest addition to the Gold Eagle family delivers 150, 300 and 600A, with operating voltages from 16 to 96VDC was shown at AUVSI 2013 in Washington DC. The new drives are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of unmanned applications such as unmanned vehicles, turrets and other systems that require repeated power bursts for relatively long time periods.
Drives cut crane energy bills by 30% in the Italian port of Ravenna
Industrial Drives : 29 August, 2013
The recent installation of an Emerson Industrial Automation engineering solution involving drives, motors and crane control software has led to average energy savings of 25-30% on two ship-to-shore (STS) cranes at the Port of Ravenna on Italy’s Adriatic Coast.
Versatile inverter is now compliant in 37 countries
Industrial Drives : 29 August, 2013
With the latest software update 4.02 the Danfoss TLX inverter is compliant with: Romania MV, South Africa, Chile, Malta and UK (G83/2). In addition a BDEW generic has been added enabling installation in for instance MV grids in Turkey as well as areas of Romania. It is now compliant to over 37 markets.
Energy-efficient and high performance equipment for the oil and gas industry exhibited at Offshore Europe
Industrial Drives : 27 August, 2013
WEG is exhibiting its range of energy-efficient and high performance equipment for the oil and gas industry at Offshore Europe, including motors, generators, drives and motor control centres.
Drives for steel straightening plant take 100C without additional oil cooling
Industrial Drives : 13 August, 2013
The steel industry is one of the harshest industrial environments and the technical demands on plant and machinery are extremely high. Watt Drive (part of the WEG Group) helical bevel gearboxes are being used in a new straightening unit at steel producer ArcelorMittal’s plant in Belval, Luxembourg. The project was carried out by engineering company TBR casting technologies (part of the Inteco Group). The Type K139 gearboxes prove that compactness and robustness can deliver with high performance. The partnership could soon be repeated, as it is anticipated that a further strand at ArcelorMittal Belval will be converted.
Electric drives in industrial automation - the three key drivers
Industrial Drives : 13 August, 2013
What does the future hold for electric drives in the industrial automation sector? Currently there are three trends which are dictating development – speed and ease of specification, simplified control and maintenance, and machinery safety. Here, Nigel Dawson, Festo GB’s Product Manager for Electric Drives, looks at these trends.
Single-cable drive interconnection combines motor power and feedback
Industrial Drives : 23 July, 2013
Heason Technology is offering Kollmorgen's high-performance servo drive systems with an innovative single cable option that combines motor power and feedback connection.
Outdoor central solar inverter delivers without derating in harsh weather
Industrial Drives : 14 July, 2013
The Danfoss Central Series is an innovative outdoor solution for the utility scale market. It delivers maximum efficiency without derating even under harsh weather operation of up to 50C. This series redefines high performance in the Sunbelt regions.
Advanced motion controls through direct integration
Industrial Drives : 24 June, 2013
NI’s reconfigurable motion control software and controllers combined with Kollmorgen drive and motor technology can simplify the design of sophisticated machinery.
Servomotor range bridges gap between stepper and induction motors
Industrial Drives : 12 June, 2013
Now available from Heason Technology, Kollmorgen’s new VLM servomotor series is designed to fill the gap between stepper and high-performance servo motors. The new VLM series synchronous servo motors offer OEMs, machine builders and end-users an excellent price-performance proposition in the torque range of 0.5 to 4.5Nm continuous and 16Nm peak, with speeds of up to 6000 rpm.
High speed belt axis delivers increased speed and load capacities
Industrial Drives : 03 June, 2013
Festo has introduced a cost-effective belt drive ELGA-RF with increased speed and load capacities. The compact axis enables machine builders and engineers to increase their machine throughput and efficiencies, while benefiting from low maintenance and reduced operational costs.
Decentralised frequency inverter for wall mounting in larger plants
Industrial Drives : 24 May, 2013
The cost of downtime is very high in large plants and here the Lenze 8400 Protec scores highly. This is a decentralised frequency inverter for wall mounting that reduces build costs, lowers operating costs and minimises downtime. It is designed for larger material handling plants such as automotive production lines and airport baggage handling systems.
Faster laminating through machine innovation
Industrial Drives : 04 April, 2013
With laminating machines running at line speeds of 20 to 25m/min, a new design capable of 120 or even 180m/min offers clear productivity advantage. Autobond of Heanor is meeting these high production speeds with its new laminating machines. Achieving this huge step-up in speed presented them with a challenge which they met in partnership with drive and automation company Lenze.
Smoke ventilation system meets time pressure at Belfast Titanic Centre
Industrial Drives : 03 April, 2013
The Harvey Group, a provider of mechanical and electrical building services in Northern Ireland and the UK, was contracted by Titanic Foundation, the owners of Titanic Belfast, to supply and install complete building services. This was a unique challenge due to the highly unusual shape of the building.
Heason reaffirms distributor relationship with Elmo
Industrial Drives : 27 March, 2013
Heason Technology has enhanced its distribution partnership with the innovative motion control solutions provider Elmo Motion Control through an improved applications support framework. Elmo is a global designer and manufacturer of servo components and motion control systems for applications ranging from mainstream to high end; from intelligent single-axis to the most demanding multi-axis control systems.
Flexible compact AC drive targets machine-level, standalone and simple systems
Industrial Drives : 01 March, 2013
Rockwell Automation announces its compact Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC drive, which features a modular design in power ranges from 0.4 to 22kW (0.5 to 30hp) at 100 to 600V input. Its embedded EtherNet/IP, safety, USB programming, energy savings and a variety of motor control options are suited for machine-level and stand-alone applications or simple system integration.
Control Techniques UK appoints integration partner for cranes and hoists market
Industrial Drives : 19 February, 2013
Control Techniques UK has appointed electrical and automation maintenance company CP Automation as its Integration Partner for the UK cranes and hoists market.
Paper mill AC drive upgrades control position and rewind
Industrial Drives : 19 January, 2013
Two lines at one of the UK’s biggest paper mills have recently been updated with new AC drives from Control Techniques. SCA’s Trafford Park paper mill in Manchester produces a wide range of household paper products utilising recycled paper.
Control Techniques supports UK engineering undergraduates via E3 Academy
Industrial Drives : 15 December, 2012
Control Techniques has employed David Hicks as a Graduate Engineer at its Engineering and Design facility in Newtown, Wales. The company recently sponsored David to complete a Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Newcastle University. Prior to this, Control Techniques also sponsored Hicks through his Bachelor’s degree in the same subject.
Compact fuel saving system gives major saving at Sri Lankan port
Industrial Drives : 15 November, 2012
The installation of 28 RIS.GA systems from Control Techniques on Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGs) and Mobile Harbour Cranes (MHCs) at a Sri Lankan port is producing significant savings of diesel fuel, giving a rapid return on investment of under two years at today’s fuel prices.
Linear drive modules for for use under water or in a vacuum
Industrial Drives : 23 October, 2012
Igus UK is augmenting the motor programme for its Drylin leadscrew units and belt drive modules by introducing new and ready-to-install combinations of motor and linear unit for use under water or in a vacuum.
Much to do to promote automation, says new sales manager of ABB robotics team
Industrial Drives : 18 October, 2012
ABB's robotics business has signed Mike Wilson as its new General Industry Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland. Mike is tasked with growing and managing sales of ABB's robots and robot systems for non-automotive applications, such as mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics, aerospace, pharmaceutical and medical.
Drives company appoints business development manager
Industrial Drives : 17 October, 2012
Control Techniques has announced the appointment of Stewart Dowsett as UK business development manager. This is a new position created due to Control Techniques’ expanding UK sales.
Motion control software upgrade for Danfoss VLT series drives
Industrial Drives : 07 October, 2012
The new version 3.17 of Danfoss' VLT Motion Control Tool Software MCT10 includes bug fixes and improved functionality.
Distributed frequency inverters with "Safe Stop" functionality
Industrial Drives : 03 October, 2012
SK 200E inverter series from Nord provides certified safety technology for applications up to SIL3.
Servo drive combines Ethernet, multitasking and single phase operation
Industrial Drives : 30 September, 2012
The MicroFlex e150 servo drive combines Ethernet technology, advanced multitasking programming and single phase operation in a compact package. It can operate from 105 to 250 V AC single or three-phase and is available in multiple current/power ratings.
Energy for pools specialist launches 24-hour helpline
Industrial Drives : 17 August, 2012
Energy saving specialist Powermaster has launched a 24/7 helpline to make life easier for leisure centre managers, pool managers and public sector organisations who are experiencing technical problems in their facilities.
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