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Industrial Networking and Control Systems
How to develop high reliability Ethernet control systems using media redundancy
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 05 January, 2016
Acromag presents a guide to using Ethernet media redundancy in order to create a backup communication path which allows a system to survive a break in the network cable. Systems are often safeguarded only by duplicating components such as power supplies, software file systems, and computer hardware. The guide explains what "media redundancy" is and, through clear diagram and instruction, how to manage a system's communication with this approach.
How Profibus PA Profiles work
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 20 April, 2015
John Swindall of the PROFI Interface Center explains how Profile 3.0.2 defines the rules for Profibus for Process Automation (PA). How can you use Profiles to your benefit?
Industrial control based on force-sensing touch technology challenges capacitive switches
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 20 April, 2015
The addition of a software team has enabled Peratech to create complete industrial control systems based on its QTC touch technology. A demo was conducted at Hannover Messe 2015.
Device management tool runs on tablets
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 17 April, 2015
FieldMate R3.01.10 is the latest version of Yokogawa's multi-lingual stand-alone device management tool for configuring, maintaining and managing field devices in industrial plants. In its tablet configuration, FieldMate R3.01 is an ideal tool for device patrol and maintenance tasks. New functions added include the automatic generation of device configuration reports in a variety of formats and the centralised management of various types of device related information.
Connecting a PC to any industrial Ethernet network
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 12 March, 2015
The Ixxat Inpact from HMS Industrial Networks combines Anybus technology know-how in the PC interface card area. The result is a PCIe card with multi-protocol support for numerous industrial Ethernet standards and a uniform protocol and card-spanning application programming interface. The Ixxat Inpact can be used with HMI systems to process visualisation and service tools, and with measurement, analysis and test systems.
Fieldbus is growing but industrial Ethernet networks are growing faster
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 07 February, 2015
Looking at new installed nodes within factory automation globally, fieldbuses are still the most widely used type of network with 66% of the market, says HMS Industrial Networks, independent supplier of products for industrial communication.
A vision of the smart factory of the future
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 07 February, 2015
When it comes to industrial networking today, many factories and process control facilities around the world are focused on upgrading to managed Ethernet networks. With the long, useful life of industrial devices, there is plenty of old equipment using legacy industrial protocols in active service. Andreas Dreher, strategic technology manager at Hirschmann Automation and Control, looks at the process of helping companies upgrade to structured, reliable and easy-to-maintain industrial Ethernet infrastructure.
Remote access routers with LAN, WiFi, and 3G
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 28 December, 2014
During SPS IPC Drives, eWON unveiled the new eWON Cosy 131, a range of industrial VPN remote access routers with LAN, WiFi, and 3G+ connection options. With eWON Cosy, machine builders and OEMs can access machines PLC and HMI, and troubleshoot them from the comfort of the office!
Bandwidth "crucial for Industry 4.0"
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 29 November, 2014
One might argue that a technology becomes mainstream when politicians begin debating it. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel made a very interesting statement about Industry 4.0 during the national IT Summit that took place in Germany at the end of October. John Browett, General Manager of CLPA-Europe comments.
Ethernet media converters for more reliable energy networks
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 09 November, 2014
The FL MC 2000E SM40 LC Ethernet media converter from Phoenix Contact completes the class of optical converters for use in energy technology. With its robust design it is ideal for extreme environmental requirements according to IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613.
Adhesives manufacturer adopts Profibus-controlled dispersion system
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 24 October, 2014
In its small component metering in the explosive area, adhesives manufacturer Henkel is using Bartec’s remote I/O system Antares for the first time in its dispersion and solvent adhesives operation in Düsseldorf.
Gateway allows Modbus devices to talk to BACnet
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 24 October, 2014
As BACnet networks are increasingly being used in buildings and infrastructure installations, there is also an increasing demand for integrating devices that communicate on Modbus into BACnet networks. The new Anybus BACnet to Modbus gateway makes it possible to connect Modbus devices to a BACnet network.
Harsh duty Ethernet switches allow better network performance on the plant floor
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 24 October, 2014
Molex is to present its proven Brad Direct-Link Harsh-Duty Unmanaged Ethernet Switches during this year’s SPS IPC Drives exhibition in November 2014 at Nuremberg. Designed for plant floor and industrial automation network applications, Direct-Link switches provide a secure on-machine Ethernet connection to reduce complex network cabling, eliminate common wiring errors, and lower network costs.
Multi-port industrial firewalls gain flexibility and security
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 08 September, 2014
Belden has updated its Hirschmann multi-port firewalls - the EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402 - to offer additional flexibility of deployment, as well as state-of-the-art security functionality. With new router redundancy and wide area network (WAN) interface, the EAGLE family helps achieve maximum network availability and security in any industrial setting.
Wireless Kanban simplifies reconstitution of consumption in production systems
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 10 August, 2014
How can more than a thousand switching devices be integrated in an electronic Kanban system? Identytec in Hanover has found a solution which is as logical as it is innovative: by eliminating cables and using wireless position switches.
CAN FD challenges fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet in special purpose machinery
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 29 May, 2014
CAN FD offers an opportunity to use existing CAN systems and CAN knowledge even when demands are high for number of nodes, transfer rates, and cycle times. Thomas Waggershauser, Sales Director at IXXAT Automation GmbH, part of the HMS Group from HMS, explains how CAN-based systems are frequently used in special purpose machinery - both in standardized protocols such as CANopen and in proprietary systems.
11 companies join Rockwell PartnerNetwork
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 21 May, 2014
The Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program comprises a collaborative team of suppliers, systems integrators, and machine and equipment builders who work collaboratively. The network has expanded, adding 11 new partner companies.
Updated management software increases industrial network availability
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 08 May, 2014
Belden has released the latest version of its Hirschmann network management software. Industrial HiVision 5.1 enables faster and easier configuration of firewalls and wireless devices from any manufacturer. With this software, industrial networks can be managed holistically, ultimately increasing the network’s availability.
Opportunities foreseen for wider IP video deployment in industrial automation
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 23 April, 2014
NW Systems Group has partnered with Swedish-based industrial automation and safety products provider Kentima, as both companies eye up the opportunities for wider deployment of IP video monitoring systems in UK manufacturing and processing plants.
Unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches combine versatility, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 15 April, 2014
Harting has introduced two new families of unmanaged Ethernet switches that are optimised for use in harsh industrial environments and offer a choice of compact designs for economy and ease of installation in a variety of applications.
Railway-approved high temperature Cat 7 Ethernet cable delivers increased data rate
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 28 March, 2014
Belden has introduced the Belden RailTuff BE43802, a Cat 7 Ethernet data cable designed specifically for the passenger railway market. The new RailTuff cable has a transmission performance of 10Gbps, allowing the integration of multiple on-board applications, effectively making cable installations future proof.
Tool chain to develop automotive systems using coaxial cables
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 28 March, 2014
K2L GmbH (KG) announces its complete MOST150 coax (cPHY) tool chain, which consists of several elements that together provide everything needed to develop a MOST150-based automotive system or device using coaxial cables. This includes application development, whole-system safeguarding, testing, simulation, deep-system analysis, verification, and stress scenarios.
Ethernet connectivity links Powerlink industrial devices
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 22 March, 2014
Powerlink is an industrial Ethernet network originating from the Austrian automation company B+R. It is now receiving recognition from many manufacturers of automation products and systems around the world. The HMS Industrial Networks Anybus CompactCom 40-series products allow Ethernet Powerlink connectivity for industrial devices.
Wireless receiver with TCP/IP-interface can pass on signals from 40 sensors
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 15 March, 2014
As wireless technology spreads through industrial automation, possible connections to superordinate communication networks are also on the increase. One example of this is the TCP/IP receiver from Steute.
White paper aims to help process industries migrate towards EtherNet/IP
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 10 March, 2014
ODVA announces a new white paper, Optimization of Process Integration, which outlines a strategic vision for manufacturers looking to maintain cost-effective, sustainable production capacity in the process industries. The white paper is designed to help business and technical leaders in these industries define their future network architecture and plan for the efficient integration of their plant’s network infrastructure into existing business applications.
Multi-protocol wireless adaptor enables wired field instruments or analytical sensors to be used as wireless devices
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 14 February, 2014
Yokogawa has developed a multi-protocol wireless adaptor that enables wired field instruments or analytical sensors to be used as ISA100 Wireless devices. The company will release models in May and July that support communications based on the HART and RS485 Modbus standards. To facilitate the introduction of field wireless systems in plants, Yokogawa plans to release additional models that will cover other standards.
Class 5 SmartMotor CANopen Guide now available online
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 10 February, 2014
The new Class 5 SmartMotor CANOpen User's Guide is now available for download on the Moog Animatics website.
8-Channel Ethernet modules provide reliable interface for analogue current or voltage inputs
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 31 January, 2014
Acromag is expanding its line of Ethernet I/O modules to include differential analogue input units for reliable measurements regardless of noisy signals or network traffic. The new XT1210 and XT1220 Ethernet I/O modules in the BusWorks XT Series provide an 8-channel interface for analogue voltage or current input signals and Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, Profinet, or peer-to-peer communication.
Technology partnership to focus on Profinet IRT
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 27 January, 2014
Molex and Innovasic have announced a strategic cooperation focusing on Profinet technologies. Innovasic, located in Albuquerque, NM, provides silicon and software for industrial connectivity that greatly simplify the task of supporting sophisticated real time Industrial Ethernet. Molex and Innovasic have more than 20 years of expertise respectively in the development of industrial communication and ASICs. Both companies are actively involved with industrial trade organisations, such as Profibus/Profinet International (PI) and envisage that the cooperation will directly increase their capabilities.
Plant will convert 60 tons-per-day of landfill plastic into higher value energy products
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 27 January, 2014
Rockwell Automation has won a $15 million engineering, procurement, construction and management contract from Vadxx Energy LLC for its first commercial-scale, plastic waste-to-synthetic crude energy facility in Akron, Ohio.
Board-level, all-Gigabit switch for Industrial Ethernet
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 27 January, 2014
Red Lion Controls, a specialist in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, has announced the ET-8MG-OEM board-level, all-Gigabit switch to its industrial Ethernet family. This fully managed series of switchesare available commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), allowing users to quickly add industrial-grade networking capabilities to their products.
Modules for distributed and local applications requiring high density of mixed I/O types
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 18 January, 2014
Red Lion has announced a new EtherTRAK-2 I/O module (E2-MIX20884-D) and enhanced firmware that is now available for our Sixnet series RTUs. The new Sixnet EtherTRAK-2 I/O module is ideal for both distributed and local I/O applications that require a high density of mixed I/O types.
CANopen communications protocol enhances motion control capabilities
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 08 December, 2013
Exlar announces the release of the CANopen communication protocol for its Tritex II product line. This enhancement allows the Tritex II to become an integral part of your control architecture or machine control processes.
Phoenix Contact comments on Industry 4.0 at SPS IPC Drives
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 02 December, 2013
The term "Industry 4.0" is currently on everyone’s lips. It is a buzzword for the so-called fourth industrial revolution, which is characterised by the increasing digitalisation of the production environment and the product life-cycle. Roland Bent, Executive Vice PresidentPhoenix Contact, held a press conference at SPS IPC Drives to discuss the company's current thinking.
Gateway simplifies remote management of industrial equipment
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 24 November, 2013
HMS Industrial Networks introduces the Netbiter EC350 - a communication gateway which makes it easier to monitor and control industrial equipment remotely. The gateway comes with enhanced performance and connectivity making it ideal for remote management and configuration of power generators, cooling systems, UPSs, wind turbines or other industrial machinery.
Fourth Industrial Revolution - the safety implications
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 19 November, 2013
Originating in Germany, the concept of Industry 4.0 (aka the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the Internet of Things) has now caught the full attention of industry experts around the world. Individual workpieces will be playing an increasingly interactive role in their own production, forming an Internet-like intelligence structure distributed throughout machines, plants and supply chains. The road into this brave new industrial landscape has been paved by increasingly decentralised control and motion technology. This technology, however, relies heavily on failsafe communication systems able to manage huge volumes of data. How can B&R Automation's Powerlink and OpenSafety master this challenge? Today's consumer values individuality but is unwilling to pay the price for handcrafted goods. This paradox puts the pressure on manufacturers of plants and machinery to minimize the time and effort of changeovers between batches – ideally eliminating it altogether through automation.
Communications platform updated to strengthen support of industry standards, improve interoperability
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 10 November, 2013
Kepware Technologies, a software development company focused on communications for automation, has released KEPServerEX version 5.13. The updated communications platform expands Kepware’s support of industry standards, and enables improved interoperability and communications across key industries.
Wireless monitoring simplifies overhead crane maintenance
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 16 October, 2013
The KIA Motors plant in Slovakia, which produces the cee’d, KIA Venga and Sportage, has installed industrial wireless solutions at its automobile stamping and press operations to improve safety at the plant for employees. The purpose of the project was to communicate from the maintenance room to the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Controllers. With ProSoft Technology wireless system, one 802.11n radio is on each of the five cranes, with a radio in the maintenance room.
The networking implications of Industry 4.0
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 16 October, 2013
John Browett, General Manager of the CLPA, discusses Industry 4.0, and the impact that the concept, and importantly the technologies that underpin it, will have on open industrial networks such as CC-Link.
Highly customisable master platform for EtherCAT, CANopen and Powerlink
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 16 October, 2013
The Ixxat Econ 100 is a universal ARM-based platform with a Linux operating system that comes as a standard version already with four Ethernet, two CAN and two USB ports. In addition to the interfaces of the base version, custom interfaces or enhancements (eg digital and analog IOs, DVI output) can be added quickly and easily via expansion slots and the integrated FPGA. This makes the IXXAT Econ 100 an attractive device to customise.
Field-deployable shielded Cat 6A cable - digital audio format on Ethernet
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 10 October, 2013
Belden has introduced a range of rugged high performance shielded Cat 6A cables for use in studios or in tactical field deployable audio/data installations. These exceptionally robust cables can be used in the harshest of environments, yet deliver reliable performance for maximum uptime.
Distributed control system (DCS) undergoes upgrades without halting operations
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 18 September, 2013
Invensys has unveiled the latest version of its distributed control system (DCS) automation platform at its Foxboro and Triconex users’ conference in San Antonio, Texas, revealing Foxboro Evo’s software applications for process plant control covering operations, maintenance and safety.
Network management for industrial networks
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 09 September, 2013
Belden announces a major new release of its Hirschmann Industrial HiVision network management software. Version 5.0 of Industrial HiVision adds extensive functionality for configuring and supervising an industrial Ethernet network.
High-speed interconnect backplane meets VITA 66.1 standard for harsh environments
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 09 September, 2013
Molex is demonstrating a complete end to end 100G link operating at 25.78Gb/s per lane during the 2013 ECOC exhibition. The demonstration showcases Molex PSM4 (Parallel Single Mode Quad 4) Active Optical Pigtails, PCB interconnects and blind-mate expanded beam backplane connector systems. Supporting 100 Gb/s Ethernet and 100 Gb/s Inifiniband* Enhanced Data Rate applications, the PSM4 Active Optical Cable and zQSFP+ electrical interconnects transmit rates up to 4km with excellent cooling, unparalleled signal integrity, superior EMI protection and low power consumption.
CAN repeaters reduce wiring costs and increase system reliability
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 03 September, 2013
HMS Industrial Networks launches a range of CAN repeaters under the IXXAT brand. These enable coupling of two or more CAN network segments, provide them with galvanic isolation, and eliminate the effects of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).
Industrial wireless Ethernet for moving machines in assembly plants
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 19 August, 2013
The 802.11abgn Fast Industrial Hotspot is an advanced, high-speed wireless Ethernet designed for plant-floor automation, SCADA systems, mobile worker Wi-Fi infrastructure and process control systems. This Hotspot offers a broad range of industrial wireless capabilities, including unique features such as Fast Roaming and has excellent packet-per-second performance and robust communications in demanding industrial environments.
High speed I/O system suits real-time motion control
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 03 August, 2013
The Lenze I/O system 1000 is particularly fast with a bandwidth of 48 Mbit/s and a time stamp suiting high speed machinery and multi-axis motion. The range is compact with modules only 12.5mm wide. It is also extensive with six bus options and the availability of powerful modules that go far beyond simple analog and digital I/O. I/O stations with up to 64 modules can be connected directly to Lenze controllers or be installed remotely. Further advantages of easy handling reduce machine build times and costs.
Honing machines connected to any industrial network with Anybus X-gateways
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 29 July, 2013
Nagel Precision's honing machines must be compatible with the different industrial networks used many global locations. Developing connectivity can be a time-consuming and resource-demanding task. An easier solution is to use Anybus X-gateways from HMS Industrial Networking Systems.
Handheld industrial Bluetooth transmitter gathers production data
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 25 February, 2013
Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies (ITAMCO) has released the iBlue - the first handheld bluetooth transmitter that gathers crucial production data and sends it to bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and computers.
Open comms chip with high speed signal synchronisation
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 25 February, 2013
A new network processor from HMS Industrial Networks is targeted at real-time industrial Ethernet applications. The Anybus NP40 allows industrial devices to communicate over any industrial network and forms the core of HMS’ new CompactCom chip, brick and module concept.
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