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Special Report
METALL #2 ′takes innovation to market
Events : 10 October, 2016
Following the successful launch of the new Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology Alliance (METALL) in July, the latest event, METALL #2, also received a very good response from local manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses.
Survey - Skills gap is stifling SME Manufacturing Growth
Engineering : 07 October, 2015
The growth plans of more than one in four of Britain’s small and medium sized manufacturers are being jeopardised by a shortage of skilled people, according to the annual Manufacturing Survey by MHA, the UK-wide group of accountancy and business advisory firms.
Taking the positives for manufacturing from UK Budget 2015
Engineering : 19 March, 2015
According to Chris Coopey, Head of the Manufacturing Group at MHA, the national association of independent accountants, George Osborne’s Budget speech resulted in a raft of announcements that are largely seen as positives for the manufacturing and engineering sector.
Re-shoring production to UK boosts competitive advantage
Events : 05 January, 2015
At the latest Sussex Manufacturing Forum, Vent-Axia, the Crawley-based, award-winning manufacturer of fan and ventilation systems how re-shoring production from China has created new jobs and boosted the competitive advantage of the market-leading company.
Manufacturing Report calls for "Demand-Led Education"
Association : 19 September, 2014
The manufacturing sector is calling on government to move towards ′demand-led education’ to help the sector bridge the current skills gap.
Recruitment hits three-year high
Engineering : 17 June, 2014
Recruitment confidence amongst London and SE manufactures hits a three-year high according to the latest (January-March) Barometer Survey by the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS).
Growing skills shortages in manufacturing hinder SME growth strategy plans
Engineering : 08 April, 2014
The latest annual SME Manufacturing Survey from MHA, the UK-wide group of accountancy and business advisory firms, paints a picture among manufacturers of growing optimism, supported by continuing investment in R&D and capital expenditure and an increase in recruitment, including a 13% rise in the numbers due to take on apprentices. That said, a shortage of recruits at every level, is harming future prospects and has been described by Chris Coopey, the Head of MHA’s Manufacturing Group as "a national scandal.’
Report: Europe "is Centre of Innovations in Printed Sensors"
Printed Electronics : 21 March, 2014
There has been a considerable amount of interest in printed sensors recently and the industry is changing rapidly. End-users of the technology and integrators are looking for sensors that will enable the Internet-of-Things. There is also a huge trend in favour of wearable technologies and e-textiles. By hosting the Printed Electronics Europe event, IDTechEx helps many end-users to connect with the main suppliers and to keep up to date with the latest announcements. A detailed analysis is also available in the recently published IDTechEx report Printed and Flexible Sensors 2014-2024: Technologies, Players, Forecasts.
MRO product standardisation minimises stock without compromising performance
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (General) : 14 February, 2014
Chris Gordon of Buck & Hickman describes how the process of purchasing and managing tools, maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) and health & safety products for manufacturing and process facilities can be a complicated one, requiring hundreds or even thousands of stock-keeping units to be available whenever and wherever they are needed on-site.
Time is running out for manufacturers to claim £000s in tax relief
Law/Legal/Litigation : 05 February, 2014
Manufacturers are just one of many UK businesses which often have unclaimed capital allowances, according to Sussex-based chartered accountants and tax advisers, Carpenter Box. As a result, many business owners could be owed hundreds or even thousands of pounds by the tax man.
Can the internet of things drive adoption of energy harvesters?
Energy : 27 January, 2014
The Internet of Things adds connectivity to things. It is a broad term referring to applications as diverse as internet connected vehicles to consumer electronics such as smart phones. However, the edge of the Internet of Things network will consist of simpler sensors and wireless devices that provide, among other things, the identification of objects, sensing, control and automation. Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx considers the role of energy harvesters.
Ringless air-seal system could revolutionise combustion engine design
Automotive Design Consultancy : 20 January, 2014
An elusive automotive design consultancy in Victoria, Australia is working on a technology with potentially major implications for future petrol and diesel engine design. Warrnambool-based engineering consultancy Dynex has come up with a piston design that eliminates the spring-metal ring traditionally used to form a seal between the piston and the wall of the combustion chamber.
Phoenix Contact comments on Industry 4.0 at SPS IPC Drives
Industrial Networking and Control Systems : 02 December, 2013
The term "Industry 4.0" is currently on everyone’s lips. It is a buzzword for the so-called fourth industrial revolution, which is characterised by the increasing digitalisation of the production environment and the product life-cycle. Roland Bent, Executive Vice PresidentPhoenix Contact, held a press conference at SPS IPC Drives to discuss the company's current thinking.
IET Incoming President - maiden speech (Webcast)
Events : 02 October, 2013
Incoming President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology Barry Brooks is making his maiden speech on British Innovation, Engineering and Invention via Webcast on Thursday, 3 October 2013 at 18.45 (GMT+1).
Chinese industrial robots market to become global leader
Robotics & Automated Handling Systems : 09 September, 2013
The Chinese industrial robots market has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.44% through 2016, driven by the need for increased productivity in the manufacturing process, and the emergence of next-generation industrial robots.
Medical power supply market to increase at a CAGR of 6.2% through 2017
Power Supplies : 29 July, 2013
The medical power supply market has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% over the next five years, increasing from a value of approximately $642 million at the end of 2012, to hit a total of $866.8 million by 2017.
GAMBICA - Lifetime cost is more important than purchase cost
Electrical Industry : 23 July, 2013
Trade body GAMBICA is set to deliver two seminars at The Machine Building Show at the tail end of September. The seminars will be based on energy efficiency and electric motors.
Fatigue risk management: brain/eye combined monitoring could lead to fewer road accidents
Association : 14 July, 2013
Latest advances in capturing data on brain activity and eye movement are being combined to open up a host of ′mindreading’ possibilities for the future. These include the potential development of a system that can detect when drivers are in danger of falling asleep at the wheel. The research has been undertaken at the University of Leicester with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), and in collaboration with the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.
Carbon dioxide sensor market to be worth $145.6 million by 2020
Market Research Organisations : 19 April, 2013
The CO2 sensors market has been forecast to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.5% through to 2016, driven by the increasing demand for location-specific CO2 sensors, and the increasing institutional usage of CO2 sensors. The market for advanced carbon dioxide sensors will expand from $10.3 million in 2012 to a towering $145.6 million.
Power management video spotlights UPS battery life
Batteries : 10 April, 2013
Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton has launched the latest addition to its Power 101 with the Professor Wattson series of power management videos aimed at IT professionals, resellers and distributors. Entitled simply ′Batteries’, the video features Eaton’s increasingly popular animated star Professor Wattson who reveals how IT managers can prevent downtime, save money and extend the battery life of their Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
Video Report: Reliable linear bearings easy to fit, give long, lubrication-free life
Bearings : 04 April, 2013
Bearing specialist Igus UK offers interchangeable lubrication-free linear bearing liners that are based on specially developed wear resistant plastics. As a result of using the liners, users can reduce downtime and improve their processes significantly.
Friction Products: Nisshinbo dominating with a 15% value share
Market Research Organisations : 23 March, 2013
The friction products market has been forecast to hit a value of US$18.78 billion by 2016, driven by an increase in demand from the automotive industry and the increase in demand for customised products.
Monitoring manufacturing processes to optimise productivity and energy consumption
Engineering : 23 March, 2013
Saving energy is becoming ever more important for manufacturing companies. One prerequisite is to capture machine energy consumption for each step in the production process. This can be achieved with a monitoring system developed by Fraunhofer FIT that, due to its service-oriented architecture and its ability to use heterogeneous sensors, can easily be integrated in existing facilities.
Lease implications of the withdrawal of the air-conditioning refrigerant gas R22
Law/Legal/Litigation : 22 March, 2013
With the use of refrigeration gas, R22, being banned from January 2015 with no exceptions, Brethertons LLP offers guidance on the lease implications of the withdrawal of the refrigerant.
UK's Government-sponsored Frontier Engineering projects aim to meet Global Challenges
Government Research Programmes : 18 March, 2013
New innovative engineering projects and an international partnership between the UK and US will bring leading engineers and scientists together to address some of the major engineering challenges facing the world.
Government and Industry Joint Strategy secures £2 billion investment for aerospace R&D
Aerospace : 18 March, 2013
This long term investment will be overseen by a new Aerospace Technology Institute - an industry-led body that will bring a national, single focus to research and facilities in the sector.
ZeroWIN research project aims for zero waste in industrial networks
: 25 February, 2013
′ZeroWIN’ (Towards Zero Waste in Industrial Networks) is a five-year project, funded by the EC under the 7th Framework Programme, with 31 academic and industrial partners across Europe and Asia. The project is concerned with regional collaboration of companies from traditionally separated sectors, which exchange by-products - energy, water and materials - in such a way that the waste from one industry becomes raw material for another.
2012 Contraction in Global Motion Control forecast to rebound for 2013
Market Research Organisations : 25 February, 2013
Sales of motion control products have decreased in 2012 in China as a result of overcapacity, and the global motion control market is forecast to decline by 1.9% compared to 2011, according to a study recently published by IMS Research
Energy security tops agenda at London counter terrorism event
Events : 08 February, 2013
Energy sector security has taken on an entirely new dimension following the recent hostage crisis at the In Amenas gas plant in Algeria, say analysts who have long viewed the security of physical infrastructure supporting the sector as its principle Achilles Heel.
Geowave project aims to anchor wave energy
Wave Energy : 23 January, 2013
A major new research project led by the University of Dundee has been launched with the aim of helping make offshore wave energy a sustainable proposition.
Major climate threat to global supply chains identified by new research
Carbon Footprint : 23 January, 2013
The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the initiative that has worked for many years to release carbon emissions data from the world's largest companies, has published its fifth report on the global supply chain's CO2 emissions. The research marks CDP’s most comprehensive annual update on the impact of climate change on corporate supply chains.
Increased demand for industrial automation to boost electric drives market in Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS
Market Research Organisations : 23 January, 2013
The demand for industrial automation, rising energy costs and improved understanding of the advantages of electric drives will encourage their uptake across Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS over 2012-2016, according to nerw research from Frost & Sullivan.
Frost & Sullivan: Increased demand for industrial automation will boost electric drives market in Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS
Market Research Organisations : 19 January, 2013
The demand for industrial automation, rising energy costs and improved understanding of the advantages of electric drives will encourage their uptake across Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS over 2012-2016.
EEF Survey: REACH regulations are 'Elephant in Room' for Industry as fears grow over awareness
Association : 14 January, 2013
Britain’s manufacturers are being urged to get to grips with the requirements of a European Directive on the restriction or banning of certain hazardous substances, or face the prospect of unlimited fines or even prison through a failure to comply.
Parametric excitation: measuring flow using a tiny wobbling tube
Test & Measurement : 03 January, 2013
One milligram per hour: fluid flow can be measured with great precision using a tiny ′wobbling’ tube with a diameter of only 40 micrometres. Thanks to a new technique, the sensor, which makes use of the ′Coriolis effect’, can be made even more compact, e.g. for medical applications.
Cutting CO2 emissions with innovative technology
Energy : 03 January, 2013
Sound solutions for carbon capture and storage (CCS) are a key component in a carbon-neutral society. In Norway, public authorities and the R&D sector have pooled their resources in the search for effective solutions.
Life-saving potential of intelligent vehicle systems (IVS)
Automotive : 03 January, 2013
Smart automotive technologies that help drivers avoid collisions, navigate and improve fuel efficiency should make Europe's roads safer, ease congestion and reduce pollution. But just how beneficial are they? Potentially very, according to vehicle manufacturers, researchers, automotive suppliers and other stakeholders who answered that question in a landmark EU-funded project.
TRAMS - European researchers develop techniques to design more robust memory chips
Electrical Industry : 03 January, 2013
European funded project investigates advanced countermeasure techniques to compensate the dramatic variability device phenomena on Embedded Memories for future technologies.
Visiongain: Global ceramic coatings market to be worth $5.98 billion in 2013
: 15 December, 2012
The ceramic coatings market is forecast by Visiongain to record solid growth over the next decade, as ceramic coatings become more popular.
Minister announces decision on future of the National Physical Laboratory
: 04 December, 2012
The Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, informed (on 27 November) the House of Commons of his decision on the future operation of the National Physical Laboratory. The National Physical Laboratory has been operated since 1995 as a Government-owned, contractor-operated facility by Serco Group PLC through the vehicle of NPL Management Limited. The current contract comes to an end in March 2014.
Report: global automotive turbocharger market to 24.1m units in 2013
Market Research Organisations : 21 November, 2012
The global automotive turbocharger market is forecast by Visiongain to record promising growth over the next decade, as turbocharged engines are increasingly used to increase fuel efficiency, lower emissions and satisfy consumer demand.
Global pressure sensor market driven by the large amount of usage within the automotive sector
Market Research Organisations : 05 November, 2012
The pressure sensors market was valued at a $5.11 billion in 2011 and has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3% over the next five years, to reach a market value of $7.34 billion by 2017.
PAT testing after the IET Code of Practice - keep calm and carry on?
Instrumentation : 29 October, 2012
It would be easy to see the new IET Code of Practice as bad news for those who provide PAT testing services, but it isn’t necessarily so, says Simon Wood of Megger.
Don't be complacent over weather-related power problems
Cables & Terminations : 13 October, 2012
According to Eaton’s Power Quality business, many businesses believe that at this time of year when the summer thunderstorm season has passed, there is no longer any need for concern about the risk of power blackouts. Nothing could be further from the truth, says the company, which has carried out research that shows blackouts are at least as likely to occur in the winter months as in the summer months.
Prepare now to avoid Euro cabling issues
Cables & Terminations : 13 October, 2012
A warning is being issued about the issues facing the cabling industry under the Constructions Products Regulation (CPR), a new piece of European legislation being introduced covering the classification of cables installed within buildings.
SMD fuses increase safety and battery life for standalone devices
Fuses & Contact Breakers : 04 September, 2012
The range of battery-powered devices extends from powerful hand tools for craftsmen, to sensors for room surveillance all the way through to life-saving medical aids. The safety of such devices presents quite a challenge. To ensure the safe operation of standalone devices, Schurter offers two SMD fuses with low power dissipation and tight tolerances for tripping time.
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